All About Epic Brewing
FILED AUGUST 19, 2014 Salt Lake City and Denver-based Epic Brewing is one of those breweries that keeps coming up. Their angle? Utah's first brewery since Prohibition to brew exclusively high alcohol content beer. Read More
Stone Officially Narrows Future Brewery Site: Ohio or Virginia
FILED AUGUST 18, 2014 On Friday, Stone winnowed the scope of speculation surrounding its imminent second location. "We have narrowed the focus of our search for an Eastern U.S. brewery to Columbus, Ohio, Norfolk, Virginia and Richmond, Virginia," it said via Facebook. But they're still "at least several weeks away" from announcing their decision. Read More
Cali Craft Ranks Swell
FILED AUGUST 14, 2014 We'd been hearing that the number of breweries in already-developed California had been growing exponentially in some pockets last year or two, so we reached out to the California Craft Brewers Association. Janet Caisse told CBD there are currently about 99 breweries in San Diego and 468 statewide. Read More
NBWA: 4,526 Brewery Permits "An Astounding Figure"
FILED AUGUST 13, 2014 NBWA recently reported that the TTB's brewery permit count reached 4,526 as of June. That's "significantly higher than the 3,040 reported by the Brewers Association," per note, "with the clear difference being the 1,486 breweries that may just be starting to brew, have not reported any production or may actually be brewing but flying below everyone's radar." Read More
Seasonal Switchover Time
FILED AUGUST 12, 2014 It's that time of year when O(k)ctoberfests replace summer ales and pumpkin beers have already been in market for a matter of weeks, though we're merely hovering around the halfway point of summer. Read More
Deeper Home Roots Changing Terrapin's Chain Business, Route to Market
FILED AUGUST 11, 2014 Growth of course has spurred changes for Georgia's Terrapin, one of the premier hop-centric craft producers of the Southeast. They're up 46% YTD, sales and marketing chief Dustin Watts recently shared. Read More
IPA or Margarita?
FILED AUGUST 8, 2014 Yesterday marked the fourth annual #IPAday, as it is referenced in the likes of Twitter. Popular beer blogger and IPA Day founder Ashley Routson describes the day as "a universal movement created to unite the voices of craft beer enthusiasts, bloggers and brewers worldwide, using social media as the common arena for connecting the conversation." Read More
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