Golden Road Gearing Up to Build Two "Flipflop" Pubs in Northern California
FILED MARCH 24, 2017 Golden Road Brewing is planning not one, but TWO brewpubs in Northern California. Read More
Real Ale Sales Chief Talks Trends
FILED MARCH 23, 2017 Real Ale had a good 2016. They were flat, at 60,000-ish barrels. But as a native son in one the nation's largest beer-drinking markets, that was enough to get them on the top 50 craft brewers list. In fact they were one of only two - Wisconsin's New Glarus being the other - single-state brands on the roster. Read More
"A War for Store Shelves" in Grand Rapids
FILED MARCH 22, 2017 How does one define a saturated market? In the beer space, it's typically defined as an area that's reached its limit on breweries. So what is it called when an area has room for brewers to come online, but there's little room for them in conventional retail? Read More
Speakeasy Saved?
FILED MARCH 21, 2017 Late last week, Speakeasy Ales & Lagers updated their blogpost on ceasing operations, which we covered nearly two weeks back. Read More
Will Maryland Brewery Taprooms Get Higher Caps for Curtailed Hours?
FILED MARCH 20, 2017 Earlier this month, we reported that HB 1283 had entered the legislative melee in Maryland. Amid the Brewers of Maryland and Diageo's attempts to raise brewers' on-site sales caps [see CBD 03-07-2017], HB 1283 sought the same - with special considerations for retailers and distribs. It curtails brewery taproom operating hours, particularly during bars' late-night stronghold. Read More
Bell's to Hit New Mexico, Distribs TBD
FILED MARCH 17, 2017 Now that they're wrapping their Texas entry, Michigan's Bell's Brewery plans to head nearby -- to New Mexico -- this fall. Read More
CBA Depletions Flat for year, Down 3% for Q4; Kona Still Ripping
FILED MARCH 16, 2017 Fourth quarter and full year results for Craft Brew Alliance just hit. Read More
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