Top Craft Making Gains Where Price is Nice
FILED NOVEMBER 17, 2017 Yesterday we reported the latest IRI craft data. The segment's 4-week trends slowed in the largest channel universe, up 2.7%. Why was the most recent read so much softer than YTD (where craft is up 5.7%)? Read More
Craft Pumps the Brakes in Latest 4 Weeks
FILED NOVEMBER 16, 2017 A 4-week period is but a sliver in scan data, potentially subject to all sorts of anomalies that longer periods help to smooth over. Still, it's worth mentioning that in the latest IRI data, to November 5, the 4-week craft trends in multi-outlet and convenience channels are only about half as good as the YTD numbers. Read More
Extreme Beer: The Book, The Fest, The Market
FILED NOVEMBER 15, 2017 Last week we met up with Dogfish Head chief Sam Calagione and BeerAdvocate founders Todd and Jason Alström, creators of Extreme Beer Fest. The occasion? A book tour for Sam and The Bros' newest book, Project Extreme Brewing: An Enthusiast's Guide to Extreme Brewing at Home, which just hit stores. It's basically a how-to for home brewers looking to brew outside the box. Read More
Buffalo Bayou Undergoes $14 Million Expansion in Houston
FILED NOVEMBER 14, 2017 Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. has unveiled plans to construct a new $14 million brewery and restaurant in its hometown of Houston. Read More
New Sam Adams Tap Room Attracts 2,000-Plus On Opening Weekend
FILED NOVEMBER 13, 2017 Sam Adams recently announced the opening of a new tap room at Boston Brewery. It opened its doors on Friday, in fact, and more than 2,000 visitors flocked to the new space on Friday and Saturday (it's closed on Sundays). The company sold more than 2,700 pints during the two opening days. Read More
The Latest With Flying Fish, Lou Romano's New Home
FILED NOVEMBER 10, 2017 Yesterday we shared news that industry vet Lou Romano would move to New Jersey's largest craft brewery, Flying Fish, as president. Read More
CBA Q3: Tough Trends out West; Global Opportunity; What About Pubs?
FILED NOVEMBER 9, 2017 On today's Q3 earnings call, CBA chief Andy Thomas broke out the picturesque language, as always, to paint their quarterly report card for listeners. Read More
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