Deschutes Finishing Another Solid Year
FILED NOVEMBER 25, 2015 Aside from local reports from cities courting Deschutes's imminent East Coast facility, the top ten craft brewery has been relatively quiet lately. Still, they've been working on rebranding, and founder/chairman of the Brewers Association Board of Directors, Gary Fish, has likely been busy steering his brewery amid the abounding hot button beer issues. Read More
New Belgium Hitting New Jersey with MillerCoors and Coors Distributors
FILED NOVEMBER 24, 2015 New Belgium Brewing will hit New Jersey in March of 2016 with a handful of MillerCoors and Coors distributors, per brewery announcement. It's the 42nd state of distribution for the Colorado-based brewer. Read More
Coney Island Adds Two New Sodas to National Footprint
FILED NOVEMBER 23, 2015 We reported on rumored new Coney Island hard soda brands earlier this month, and now the company has confirmed: Following the Boston Beer subsidiary's Hard Root Beer launch this summer, the company will roll out two new hard sodas nationwide: Hard Ginger Ale and Hard Orange Cream Ale. Read More
10 Barrel: Picture of a Craft Brewer Post A-B
FILED NOVEMBER 20, 2015 It's a very timely topic: What to craft brewers do after sealing the deal on a strategic takeover by the likes of A-B? Read More
Only U.S. Trappist Brewery Reigns in Distribution Management; Teases "Contempora
FILED NOVEMBER 19, 2015 The Spencer Brewery has garnered a lot of press since the beginning of last year for being the only "authentic" Trappist brewery -- where Catholic Cistercian monks brew according to certain, er, trappings -- outside of Europe. Read More
SweetWater's "Big Kahuna" Speaks on the Company's Crazy Growth
FILED NOVEMBER 18, 2015 Eighteen years ago, Freddy Bensch was living in an Atlanta hotel off I-75 peddling SweetWater brews out of his van. Now the self-proclaimed "Big Kahuna" of the company is responsible for 150 employees, and will soon have the ability to brew more than a million barrels. Read More
Blue Point President Mark Hegedus Leaving to Run Magic Hat for NAB
FILED NOVEMBER 17, 2015 CEO A-B's Craft/High End Andy Goeler has announced that Mark Hegedus is leaving Blue Point Brewing Company at the end of the month to run Magic Hat for North American Breweries... Read More
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