New Realm Grabs Green Flash's Brewing Equipment in Virginia Beach
FILED APRIL 19, 2018 It's official, the brewing equipment at the former Green Flash facility in Virginia Beach is now in the hands of New Realm Brewing. Read More
In Craft Today, It's Pass The Sticks
FILED APRIL 18, 2018 "Pass the sticks" is video game slang for your time is up, another person's turn to take over the controls. Read More
Deschutes Calls Timeout to Re-evaluate East Coast Brewery
FILED APRIL 17, 2018 Deschutes Brewery has decided to pump the brakes on its East Coast facility. Read More
Shmaltz Brewing: The Next National Craft Brewer?
FILED APRIL 16, 2018 The distribution footprint for Shmaltz Brewing currently stands at 30 states - a sizable reach for a brewer who produced only 23,000 barrels in 2016. But the New York brewer has plans to expand their footprint even further, how much? Try nationwide. Read More
Sam Adams Taproom in Downtown Boston is Official
FILED APRIL 13, 2018 Sam Adams is on a taproom roll. Read More
Greg Koch and Co. Respond to MC: Getcha Popcorn Ready
FILED APRIL 12, 2018 The back and forth between Stone Brewing and MillerCoors continues apace. Read More
MillerCoors Claps Back at Stone: We Didn't Copy You, You Copied Us
FILED APRIL 11, 2018 A couple months back Stone Brewing decided to engage in battle with MillerCoors by filing suit against the macrobrewer for allegedly trying to rebrand its Keystone beer as "Stone" [see CBD 02-12-2018]. Read More
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