Traveler Beer to Hit Nationally Next Year
FILED NOVEMBER 21, 2014 We caught up with Alan Newman on the several balls he's juggling across the country via the Alchemy & Science portfolio. Traveler Beer Co. has some news: It'll go national around Feb. 1, utilizing Boston Beer's sales force and distributors. Read More
A New Hope for the Old Olympia Brewery
FILED NOVEMBER 20, 2014 Earlier this year we reported on the undertaking by various partners to transform the Tumwater Brewery complex into a brewing/distilling center, [see CBD 05-15-2014 ]. Recall, the complex has been inoperative for the past 11 years but it seems it may finally breathe life again now that a "potential buyer" has emerged, per report by The Olympian. Read More
Is Halloween Becoming a Craft Holiday?
FILED NOVEMBER 19, 2014 Last year, ooVoo, a social video chat provider with more than 85 million registered subscribers, asked 1,500 of their subscribers (65% of which are under 25) to name their favorite holiday. Slightly over half said Haloween -- more than any other holiday, including Christmas, by far. Read More
Port Brewing/Lost Abbey on Future Moves
FILED NOVEMBER 18, 2014 In late October, San Marcos, California's Port Brewing and the Lost Abbey announced they were moving further into Pennsylvania, having signed a deal to cover Pittsburgh with Wilson-McGinley. Read More
Oregon Brewer: "Even the Smallest Producer is a Business"
FILED NOVEMBER 17, 2014 Are we turning a corner in craft rhetoric? Oregon is a fiercely craft-loyal enclave of the country, with the highest craft share of beer in the country. But in Central Oregon's Bulletin's latest tome , "Could 10 Barrel Lose Craft Brewer Label?" Oregon Brewers Guild board member and co-owner of Portland's Gigantic Brewing Co.'s Van Havig said that 10 Barrel is still a craft brewer despite industry definitions that have to do with ownership construction. Read More
Mass. ABCC Subpoenas Local 3 Tiers Over Pay to Play
FILED NOVEMBER 14, 2014 Massachusetts' regulators have followed up on their promise from last month [see CBD 10-16-2014] and commenced an investigation into whether beer distributors, brewers, and retailers are violating state law by engaging in pay-to-play practices at on- and off-premise establishments, per report by Boston Globe. Read More
Questions for Craft Into OND
FILED NOVEMBER 13, 2014 The October-November-December period (or "OND" as we like to call it) is supposed to be big for craft -- but perhaps it was too big last year. Seems tough Q4 comps, which a few craft brewers have already mentioned, are slowing craft's still-hot growth just a bit. Read More
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