Hindy's New "Craft Beer Revolution" Proves Craft Character Conversation-Starter
FILED APRIL 22, 2014 Steve Hindy's new book, "The Craft Beer Revolution: How a Band of Microbrewers are Transforming the World's Favorite Drink," officially hits today. It's larger than Steve and Brooklyn Brewery, which he of course co-founded with Tom Potter in the '80s (as chronicled in "Beer School"). Read More
SB1714 Passes Senate Rules Committee; BIF Issues Statement in Opposition
FILED APRIL 21, 2014 CBD has learned that SB1714 in Florida has just passed the Senate Rules Committee, with four "no's." [See issue from earlier today for background.] Presumably supporters will attempt to fashion a companion House bill. Read More
Small Brewer Showdown Today in Florida
FILED APRIL 21, 2014 Some would say we've slathered on the coverage of the Florida ledge scene this year. But it's an important microcosm of small brewer-distrib relations in a nascent but growing craft market. Read More
Anderson Valley's Trey White on The Magic Growth Rate
FILED APRIL 18, 2014 Anderson Valley owner Trey White just finished his fourth year with the 27-year-old brewery last month. The mature brewery is sitting at a very comfortable CAGR of 16%. Read More
Golden Road Tweaking Channels in Cali
FILED APRIL 16, 2014 The latest from Golden Road, one of last year's fastest-growing brewers: they're +124% through Q1, with no new markets, per co-founder (with Tony Yanow) Meg Gill. This year will have marked a doubling, to 30,000 barrels, plus heavy investment in sales infrastructure to Capex, including a new canning line that will increase output from 30 to 180 cans/minute. Read More
Andrews Takes on Fast-Growing Lakewood
FILED APRIL 15, 2014 Dallas's Andrews Distributing will start full-portfolio distribution of Garland, Texas's fast-growing Lakewood Brewing Co. portfolio starting May 5. Read More
Managing the Seasonal Machine
FILED APRIL 14, 2014 Among standout presentations at CBC, the seminar on forecasting seasonals hit every big craft theme, from quality concerns to distributor relations and SKUmaggedon. Seasonals are only now the second-largest craft style, having been recently overtaken by IPAs, and account for a large chunk of supplier revenues. Read More
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