Dear Client:   Last fall, Deschutes sales and marketing chief Neal Stewart told CBD that they were indeed looking at new markets, as they’d just opened Arkansas and the rest of their New Jersey footprint [see CBD 11-05-2020].  Well, he didn’t lie about being expansion-minded. Today the Pac Northwest-based brewer announced they’ll open Georgia and Tennessee … Continue reading “Deschutes Launching Georgia, Tennessee and Delaware”

Dear Client:   With most retailers still trying to keep the number of SKUs at bay due to COVID-style shopping patterns, as well as the glut of better-for-you brands coming to market, craft breweries are having to eyeball the viability of their SKUs more than ever. In many cases, they’re making cuts.  The trend predates COVID, … Continue reading ““Why is My Favorite Beer Dead?” Craft SKUs Get Cut”

Dear Client:   As if New Belgium didn’t already have some tailwinds with the success of its Voodoo Ranger franchise (just check out yesterday’s issue), the brewer is also launching its seltzer, Fruit Smash, as we speak.  New Belgium chief Steve Fechheimer told CBD it’s actually started to trickle into a few stores. But “it’s really … Continue reading “Behind New Belgium’s Provocative Hard Seltzer, Fruit Smash”

Dear Client:   There’s only a few weeks’ worth of scan data in the books for 2021, but it would appear that no craft brewer is off to a better start for the year than New Belgium. With dollars up 45% YTD in IRI multi-outlet and convenience scans through January 24, New Belgium is not only … Continue reading “New Belgium, the New Leader in Craft?”

Dear Client:   As CBD hinted last summer, Cincinnati, Ohio-based Rhinegeist will indeed open up Chicago, with the city’s biggest craft distributor, Reyes’ Windy City Distributing.  Last year Rhinegeist’s VP of sales Matt Steinke told CBD they’d started conversations with wholesalers in Chicago and select Michigan markets [see CBD 07-06-2020].  Now it’s official.  “We have been … Continue reading “Rhinegeist Hitting Chicago with Windy City”

Dear Client:   On Boston Beer’s earnings call last week chief Dave Burwick shared that they were planning to make their first foray into the RTD spirits space with the launch of three canned cocktails from Dogfish Head next month. Dave didn’t provide many details on the canned cocktails, only saying that they’re “excited” about entering … Continue reading “Sam Shares The Skinny on Dogfish Head’s Canned Cocktails”

Dear Client:   Boston Beer’s fourth quarter results are in, and there are glowing numbers just about everywhere you look in the release. For the fourth quarter, Boston saw its net revenue grow by $159.6 million to $460.9 million, representing a 53% increase from the fourth quarter of 2019.  That massive jump was “mainly due to … Continue reading “Another Blockbuster Quarter for Boston Beer”

Dear Client:   Craft sales are off to a hot start this year in the off-premise, particularly in the convenience channel. Overall craft dollars are up 13.2% for the latest four weeks to February 6 in Nielsen all outlet channels, and its dollar trend shoots up to +21.6% growth when looking solely at convenience. That +21.6% … Continue reading “Craft Crushing it in Convenience to Start the Year”

Dear Client:   Catawba Brewing continues to expand its presence in the Carolinas. The North Carolina-based brewer — which bought Palmetto Brewing in Charleston, South Carolina in late 2017 and produced just over 36,000 barrels in 2019 – has now acquired another Carolina brewer, this time on the North Carolina coast, with the purchase of Skytown … Continue reading “Catawba Brewing Acquires Fellow Carolina Brewer, Skytown Beer”

Dear Client:   Having seen success in non-alcoholic beer with its Special Effects line, Brooklyn Brewery is getting further into the beyond beer/better-for-you realm with an imminent new seltzer, due out to their full footprint in the spring. We’d uncovered some labels, via MyBeerBuzz, for Brooklyn Brewery Hard Seltzer 12 oz. cans with the usual stats: … Continue reading “New Brooklyn Brewery Hard Seltzer Hits in Spring”

Dear Client:   The CANarchy Craft Brewery Collective managed to pull out overall growth in 2020 across its vast portfolio of brands — with the help of its seltzer brands, of course.   The company shipped 490,000 barrels last year, up 2%. Depletions, meanwhile, were up 5%.  CANarchy’s total beer portfolio was up 18% in dollars in … Continue reading “CANarchy Growing its Beyond Beer Bets”

Dear Client:   How did top 20 craft brewer, Fort Collins, Colorado-based Odell Brewing Co. finish 2020?  “We finished 2020 slightly down at 129,000 barrels, a 2.5% drop from 2019, but overall our revenue grew +5%,” due to a shift to more package, CEO Eric “Smitty” Smith told CBD.  Their out-of-state territories were actually up 7.5% … Continue reading “Odell Grew Revs 5% in 2020”

Dear Client:   As CBD reported last month, Boston Beer ran a regional Sam Adams campaign for its new Wicked Hazy IPA during the Super Bowl in the New York and Boston markets (plus digital, of course). It was all about “Your Cousin from Boston” accidentally releasing the Clydesdales (see it again here).  Now the company … Continue reading “Sam Adams Proclaims Itself the “Beer Commercial Champions” for a Cause”

Dear Client: In the second half of our chat with Joe Whitney, the always-candid CCO of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., we cover a host of next-level topics, from next-level seltzer (which could be kombucha), to next-level marketing (digital, duh), to next-level on-premise (open, and packed). ON KOMBUCHA. Recall that Sierra launched its new hard kombucha … Continue reading “Sierra’s Joe Whitney on What’s Next”

Dear Client: Sierra Nevada CCO Joe Whitney told CBD they finished 2020 up about 6% in depletions, to more than 1.1 million barrels, and are trending similarly in the first month of January. That’s a pretty incredible showing for a craft producer that lost vast amounts of volume in the on-premise, in one of the … Continue reading “Sierra’s Joe Whitney on Being Legacy Craft in a Sea of Seltzers”