Angry Orchard Announces Walden, New York R&D Cidery
FILED APRIL 23, 2015 This morning Boston confirmed officially a new home for Angry Orchard research and development at a historic, 60-acre apple orchard in the New York Hudson Valley. Read More
So You Want to Enter a New Market
FILED APRIL 22, 2015 "How Do You Truly Know How Your Beer is Doing?" was a timely Craft Brewers Conference session. Epic Brewing Co.'s Dave Cole, Keen Strategy founder Greg Dolan and First Beverage VP of craft's J.B. Shireman shared their own rules for keeping relevant in outside markets today. Read More
CBA Taps New CFO
FILED APRIL 21, 2015 CBA announced the appointment of Joe Vanderstelt as Chief Financial Officer yesterday. He'll join the company effective April 27. Read More
Advice for an Exit Event
FILED APRIL 20, 2015 One of CBC's most timely panels came via Friday afternoon's exit strategies primer. A bevy of advisors to craft transition planning made a few things clear: Sellers should explore options well before an exit, they'll pay a pretty penny to do that right, and frothy valuations should be coming down soon. Read More
More on Menu Labeling
FILED APRIL 17, 2015 We briefly touched on Brewers Association director Paul Gatza's concern surrounding FDA menu labeling rules earlier in the week. But the issue may warrant more attention as Paul labeled it as a Read More
Are Flagship Brands Becoming a Thing of the Past?
FILED APRIL 16, 2015 It used to be commonplace for breweries to have a flagship brand. But the identification of flagships has gotten fairly blurry in today's industry. We can still point to established breweries like Sierra Nevada and detect their workhorse, Pale Ale. But it's not as easy to pinpoint on another established brewery like Deschutes. Is their flagship Black Butte Porter or their Mirror Pond Ale? And for the nascent brewers in craft like Solemn Oath Brewing, flagships are non-existent. Read More
CBC Keynote 2015: On Definitions, Partners and Numbers
FILED APRIL 15, 2015 Brewers Association president Charlie Papazian opened this year's Craft Brewers Conference with a couple stats, and a point to make about definitions. Read More
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