Dear Client: Harpoon Brewing has introduced a new digital campaign for the second biggest brand in its portfolio, Rec. League, called Little Victories.  The campaign for the low ABV (4%) and low-cal (120) pale ale, as one could surmise, celebrates the simple victories in life, like getting the golf ball in the hole no matter … Continue reading “Harpoon Hooks Up with Liberty Mutual’s In-House Agency for New Campaign”

Dear Client: Building on Boston Beer’s partnership with Beam Suntory, first announced around this time last year, the companies are now bringing a Sweet Tea Whiskey to market, leveraging top FMB brand Twisted Tea.  Recall, the partnership with Beam, which has wrought such products as Truly Flavored Vodka in a bottle and the malt-based Sauza … Continue reading “Here Comes Twisted Tea Sweet Tea Whiskey”

Dear Client: Last week, Night Shift announced that its inability to secure CO2 would force the Massachusetts-based brewer to further contract out its production to Jack’s Abby and Isle Brewers Guild. But this issue isn’t exclusive to Night Shift. Multiple brewers told the Boston Globe this week that they too are running low on the … Continue reading “Night Shift Not Alone in CO2 Shortage”

Dear Client: If you caught part one of our mid-year review with New Belgium chief Steve Fechheimer yesterday, you caught one theme: the brewer’s robust growth, on a big base.  And a broad base, too.  Steve says they are growing in “effectively all the states.” “And we’re growing with all of our major distributors,” he … Continue reading “New Belgium’s Next Big Drivers”

Dear Client: In a world where craft is seeing mid-high single-digit declines, New Belgium is growing double digits on a very sizable base.  Indeed, in IRI, the company is a top 20 brand family in overall beer, up 18%, at almost a full share point in category dollars YTD (in multi-outlet and c-stores to July … Continue reading “A Deep Dive into Voodoo Ranger’s Incredible Gains”

Dear Client: Back in early 2020, pioneering craft brewer, Carol Stoudt, announced plans to retire and close the historic Pennsylvania-based brewer she founded more than 30 years ago, Stoudts Brewing Company. At the time, Carol said Stoudts was “not moving enough volume to justify the expense of keeping the brewery open,” but she would be … Continue reading “Evil Genius Bringing Back Stoudts”

Dear Client: Today, Maui Brewing Co. announces definitively that it intends to acquire California-based Modern Times, expected to close by “late October” of this year.  CBD readers will recall that Maui’s interest in Modern Times stems strongly from the former’s need for capacity on the mainland, as it is growing double digits (shipments were up … Continue reading “Ok, Yes, Really, Maui is Buying Modern Times”

Dear Client: How do you cycle a blockbuster year?  Just ask giant Midwestern brewer, Great Lakes.  The Ohio-based brewer had a banner year in 2021– its biggest ever, off-premise. They hit about 130,000 barrels.  “And of course, that was with on-premise down big, and we grew 21 points,” CEO Mark King told CBD.  “But on-premise … Continue reading “How Do You Cycle a Banner Year? Just Ask Great Lakes”

Dear Client: With increased capacity and distribution now hitting all 50 states, consumers will likely notice a lot more Athletic Brewing at retail this fall. “The fall resets will be abnormally big for Athletic Brewing because of the new capacity coming online, where usually it’s the spring that’s the bigger reset,” Athletic co-founder Bill Shufelt … Continue reading “Athletic Brewing Levels Up With National Distribution”

Dear Client: We know it’s been a rough year for craft in scans, but what’s the story in the on-premise?  Well, we got a glimpse in a “Mid Year Review” webinar put on by the folks at 3-Tier Beverages last week, and it looks to be a similar story. The good news for craft is … Continue reading “Craft Tops in On-Premise Share Loss”

Dear Client: It’s not a big improvement, but craft is finally moving in the right direction in the latest four weeks of IRI scans to July 10. After high-single digit dollar declines for what seemed like four-week cut after four-week cut for much of this year, craft dollars were only down 4.9% in the latest … Continue reading “Craft Only Down 5% in Latest Scans”

Dear Client: The latest Boston results are in, and while shipments look a lot better than last quarter, when they were down 25%, it’s still not enough for Boston to hold on to its previous guidance of between 4% and 10% growth for shipments and depletions this year.  Boston Q2 shipments (of 2.4 million barrels) … Continue reading “Boston Lowers Guidance Due to Changed Truly Expectations”

Dear Client: One of the under-sung craft success stories of the last decade has to be Montauk Brewing Co. The company has just hit some big-time milestones, such as turning 10 — and opening its first market outside of New York City. That would be Northeast New Jersey, with Kohler Distributing. (The first keg of … Continue reading “The Largest Craft Brand in Metro New York is Just Getting Started”

Dear Client: Around 18 months ago, unbeknownst to many, Lagunitas Brewing set out on a large undertaking – giving the legacy craft brand a portfolio-wide packaging redesign.  And today, they have revealed to CBD the finished results of the redesign. But before we get into Lagunitas’ new look, let’s take a step back and uncover … Continue reading “Lagunitas’ New Look”

Dear Client: Last week our flagship publication, Beer Business Daily, warned that beverage alcohol producers are flying mighty close to the sun — indeed bumping up against it — in their marketing practices.   To wit: A Denver man and Illinois woman have filed a federal class-action lawsuit against Colorado brewery Upslope over its Spiked Snowmelt … Continue reading “Upslope Defends Spiked Snowmelt in Court”