Dear Client:  Despite all of 2020’s challenges, Golden Road put together “a pretty strong year,” GM Dan Hamill told CBD. Indeed, the brewery is up 6% in volume overall, and has sold the most cases that it’s ever sold in its nine years of doing business, according to Dan. Driving much of this success for … Continue reading “Golden Road Going All In on Mango Cart with First-Ever TV Spot”

Dear Client:  Today, your editors got a chance to chat with the GMs of some of the biggest brands from A-B’s Brewers Collective, from Goose Island to Elysian to Kona and Golden Road.  Each brewer has some big bets for 2021, even despite the uncertainty at retail that remains. Some of the brewers will get … Continue reading “A-B Investing Unprecedented Millions in Media for Kona and Elysian”

Dear Client:  Your editor recently noticed an interesting new seltzer package at the store: Two Robbers Craft Hard Seltzer sports an intriguing minimalistic drawing of two almost-identical skulls (one sporting a moustache … funny). It’s a brand we thought we’d maybe heard of, but with so many seltzer entrants … who can remember.  Turns out, … Continue reading “This Quirky Philly Brand is One of the Fastest-Growing Regional Seltzers”

Dear Client:  Big news out of California Craft Brewers Association Executive Director, Tom McCormick, who alerted CCBA members today that he’ll leave his post as chief at the end of the year (effective January 1).  “The decision to retire is not at all sudden and has been thoughtfully planned with the CCBA board of directors … Continue reading “Tom McCormick Retiring After 15 Years Leading the California Craft Brewers Assoc.”

Dear Client:  Craft’s recent streak of share gains is starting to flatten out. Recall the segment had gained modest dollar share of overall beer week after week since around mid-September in Nielsen all outlet scans, but the gains began to dry up heading into November. After gaining 0.3 points of dollar share for the four … Continue reading “Craft Share Gains Cooling Down in November”

Dear Client:  CBD and BBD have been covering the many states that are reclosing or rolling back the on-premise, as COVID caseloads rise across the country.  While some states have imposed 10 p.m. curfews for indoor dining and bars, including New York, New Jersey, Minnesota and more (Virginia has imposed a curfew specifically for alcohol … Continue reading “Craft Resisting Another Shutdown”

Dear Client:  Back in August, we profiled some of the biggest regional players in seltzer. The idea: These are ones to watch, as local players have yet to significantly sink their suds into the segment’s growing share of beer.  All told seltzer should end the year at about 8 share of beer. Regional seltzers are … Continue reading “Willie’s Superbrew Wants to Seltzerize the Northeast”

Dear Client:  Odell is moving to Reyes’ Windy City Distributing in Chicagoland, as well as a mixed bag of other distributors across Illinois. This news comes a couple months after their statewide distributor of three years, Breakthru, sold to the Hand Family’s Lakeshore Beverage (A-B) over the summer.   Recall that Odell and Deschutes were the … Continue reading “Odell Moves to Reyes and More In Illinois”

Dear Client:  Boston Beer announced that the brand is releasing a new Samuel Adams Winter Lager this year, made from a reformulated, “crisper and brighter” recipe.  “As one of the first seasonal beers we brewed over 30 years ago, Winter Lager was inspired by the unique flavors and festivities of the holiday season that bring … Continue reading “Sam Adams Revamps Winter Lager for the Holiday Season”

Dear Client:  A recent chat with Revolution Brewing brass was particularly timely, shedding light on how brewers in some of COVID’s hardest-hit areas will navigate the winter.    CBD readers know that 10-year old Revolution made the tough call last month to close its Logan Square brewpub for the winter, amid tougher local regulations. Illinois has … Continue reading ““After NYC, We’ve Got it Second Worst”: How Rev is Navigating the Land Mine of Chicago”

Dear Client:  Highly popular Tree House Brewing has announced plans to launch a third outpost in its home state of Massachusetts. The brewer, which owns a production facility in Monson and a sprawling campus in Charlton, now has its eyes set on a location in Cape Cod. Tree House has reportedly purchased an old two-story … Continue reading “Tree House Brewing Coming to Cape Cod”

Dear Client:  While some brewers have retrenched markets in this uncertain time, Deschutes sales and marketing chief Neal Stewart told CBD that the brewer has just opened two new markets: Arkansas with C&M, an indie craft/import, wine and spirits wholesaler; and the rest of New Jersey with Molson Coors houses, Kramer and Shorepoint.  Both started … Continue reading “Despite Pandemic, Deschutes Opening More Markets”

Dear Client:  Breaking: Global cannabis company Aphria has just announced “their strategic entry in the U.S. market with an agreement to acquire craft beer king, SweetWater Brewing Company.” In a $300 million transaction in cash and stock, “the acquisition is Aphria’s first move into the U.S. to grow the brand and diversify its product offering … Continue reading “Global Cannabis Company Aphria Acquires SweetWater for $300 Million in Cash and Stock”

Dear Client:  Although more beers are allowed in Utah’s grocery stores now, not everyone is reaping the benefits, reports The Salt Lake Tribune. Among those reportedly losing? Craft breweries. Recall, a year ago, Utah legislators increased the alcohol-by-volume cap on beer sold in grocery stores from 4% to 5% ABV, a change that craft brewers … Continue reading “Will Grocery Sales Maim Utah Craft Brewers?”

Dear Client:  There’s lots afoot in Wisconsin. Today, Deschutes is announcing it will move from beer, wine and spirits house, Breakthru, in both Illinois and Wisconsin, “subsequent to Lakeshore Beverage purchasing the distribution rights of Breakthru Beverage Group’s beer portfolio in Illinois,” immediately.  In Wisconsin, the brewer will be “selling their portfolio of brands through … Continue reading “Big Craft Leaving Breakthru in Wisconsin”