Yazoo Brewing Stays True to its Southern Roots
FILED MAY 29, 2015 The South used to be a region devoid of craft breweries. Tough laws coinciding with the "Bible Belt" connotation generally prevented craft brewers from starting up in the region or entering into those markets. But local audacious homebrewers decided to change that by opening breweries to give their home something "good" to drink. Now it's becoming a highly attractive market. Read More
Bart Dives into YTD Trends
FILED MAY 28, 2015 Yesterday Brewers Association economist Bart Watson gave a state of the union on craft YTD trends. He started acknowledging that last year's 18% growth has slowed ever so slightly in the YTD IRI data, which is up 17.1% in cases through April 19. The comparative period last year was actually up 21%. Read More
Odell Again Leads Tamarron Craft Survey
FILED MAY 27, 2015 Tamarron Consulting's second Craft Brewer Performance Survey, where distributors benchmark a bevvy of regional craft brewers, again yielded results that outpaced the larger industry. Read More
Craft Self-Cannibalizing?
FILED MAY 26, 2015 In a report on the latest all outlet Nielsen data, the 4 weeks to May 16, UBS beverages research asked whether U.S. craft is starting to self-cannibalize. It points out that the biggest craft brewers lost share this period (likely just among smaller brewers, of course -- the overall segment is still up 15% in dollars and a full dollar share vs. YA). Read More
Illinois Craft Brewers And Distribs Reach Compromise on New Craft Cap
FILED MAY 22, 2015 Now that there's fresh blood at the the Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois in new leader Bob Myers, it looks like craft brewers might finally get their longtime ask of raising the craft production cap past 30,000 barrels. Read More
Competition Between Angry Orchard and Strong Locals Heats Up
FILED MAY 21, 2015 Earlier this spring, we reported how the budding Austin Eastciders had dethroned Angry Orchard as the number one cider package spot in Eastciders' hometown [see CBD 03-12-2015]. Co-founder Mark King relayed news that their Eastciders Original 4-pack had taken the number one cider SKU spot in Austin IRI grocery YTD. Read More
Honest Mistake or Calculated Move?
FILED MAY 20, 2015 You would think including a word like 'anchor' in your new brewery's name would raise a red flag, right? It conjures one of craft's oldest breweries, Anchor Brewing, which has held a trademark on the word in beer-related matters for quite some time. So when Drop Anchor beers started popping up in 60-plus locations around their home state of Washington, they were destined for a name change. Read More
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