Dear Client:   A small craft brewer out of Colorado is gearing up for a big expansion. That’s right, Prost Brewing, a 10-year-old brewer specializing in German-style beers, shared this week that it “plans to invest $25 million over the next ten years to bring their corporate headquarters, regional production, distribution center, and their largest … Continue reading “Colorado’s Prost Brewing Embarks on $25 Million Expansion Project”

Dear Client:   Wyoming’s Melvin Brewing is seeking a “strategic partner” to help “support and assist with current growth initiatives.” Involved sources tell CBD the roughly 30,000-barrel brewer seeks to dig deeper in its existing 20-state, Western-centric footprint. There’s also an interesting pub partner involved.  Banking advisory firm GLC Advisors & Co. and marketing strategist … Continue reading “Wyoming’s Melvin Brewing Exploring “Strategic Alternatives””

Dear Client:   Boston Beer is sunsetting its riff on the Finnish citrus-based boozy soda, Long Drink, chief Dave Burwick shared in a note to partners today. But it’s not totally going away — just going back to the drawing board. The whole exercise is causing Boston to re-evaluate how it pilots nascent brands.  Recall, … Continue reading “Boston Halts Bevy Production, Rethinks Innovation Launch Strategy”

Dear Client:   After a little controversy and a week-long delay, the Orange County Superior Court has named the official “winner” of the Modern Times auction. Indeed, Brewery X, the company named the ‘winning bidder’ following the auction earlier this month, gained the Court’s ultimate approval on Friday, with a $20 million bid for the … Continue reading “Modern Times’ Sale to Brewery X a Go, Says Court”

Dear Client:   After this morning’s news that Sapporo would acquire Stone for a reported $165 million, we got Stone chief Maria Stipp on the horn for more details.  (Read this a.m.’s issue for more. Cliff’s Notes: Sapporo is expected to produce “its Sapporo-branded beers for U.S. distribution” at Stone’s two production facilities in Escondido, … Continue reading “Maria Explains it All”

Dear Client: Massive Japanese brewer, Sapporo Holdings, has reached an agreement for its subsidiary, Sapporo U.S.A., to acquire Southern California’s own Stone Brewing. The transaction is slated to close in August, and carries a reported price tag of $165 million. Note, however, that this deal does not include Stone Distributing Company, which “will become an … Continue reading “Stone Set to Sell to Sapporo”

Dear Client:   Three large craft brewers on the East Coast — Harpoon Brewing, Flying Dog and Saranac — are joining forces on a new spirits-based RTD line, aptly titled Right Coast Spirits. Indeed, as Saranac president Fred Matt sums it up in today’s announcement: “The three of us had a great working relationship already, … Continue reading “Trio of Top 50 Craft Team Up on New RTD Line, Right Coast Spirits”

Dear Client:   The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission’s fight to prevent CANarchy from participating in Texas to-go sales has come up short yet again. Indeed, the agency’s latest appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit was shot down by Judge Cory Wilson earlier this week in a 14-page ruling that’s making … Continue reading “Fifth Circuit Sides with CANarchy in Texas To-Go Fight”

Dear Client:   The auction gavel may have sounded on Friday, but the new owner of Modern Times Beer Co. is still uncertain. Indeed, while Anaheim-based Brewery X was declared to have the “winning” bid for Modern Times’ assets at the conclusion of the auction on Friday, an objection lodged by another company in the … Continue reading “Highest Bidder in Modern Times Auction Claims Sales Process was “Flawed””

Dear Client:   No, that is not a placeholder in the title, Brewery X is an actual brewery. And the young Anaheim-based craft brewer is now set to acquire fellow California craft brewer, Modern Times Beer Co., after coming out on top in “a very robust and lengthy auction” for the San Diego brewer this … Continue reading “Brewery X Set to Acquire Modern Times with $20 Million Bid”

Dear Client:   As BBD broke news this a.m., Harpoon parent Co. Mass. Bay Brewing has an agreement in principle to acquire 30-plus year Vermont brewer, Long Trail Brewing Co., plus their Otter Creek and Shed brands. Price wasn’t disclosed.  As part of the agreement, Mass. Bay Brewing Company (part ESOP), will continue to operate … Continue reading “Behind Mass Bay’s Agreement to Buy Long Trail”

Dear Client:   You might be surprised to hear that for all the players that have thrown their hat into the hard seltzer ring over the past few years, many have done so without carrying a “premium” badge. Indeed, at our Summit earlier this year, IWSR’s Brandy Rand and IRI’s Scott Scanlon highlighted that premiumization … Continue reading “The Brand Looking to be “The Next Step” In Hard Seltzer”

Dear Client:   As we reported yesterday, large-size premixed cocktails like Jose Cuervo Margarita or Rancho La Gloria are the fifth-largest subsegment of the hot RTD category, comprising $354 million of the overall segment’s $9 billion in yearly sales. We’ve kept an eye on this particular segment, mostly due to the rocket-like trends of large … Continue reading “Target Jumps into the RTD Fray with Casa Cantina”

Dear Client:   There’s been a lot of ink spilled on RTDs as of late, but does anyone feel like they have a good grip on what all falls under the RTD umbrella? What about the biggest segments within? Or the most crowded spots within? And how about the RTD subsegments that are actually making … Continue reading “A Peek Behind the RTD Curtain”

Dear Client:   A few years ago, we wrote this of Montucky Cold Snacks in BBD: “With just one brand, three SKUs (although they’re toying with a 40 oz. bottle and 24 oz. can) and 14 markets, they’re growing organically and simply.”  Most of the same can still be said for the brand today, except … Continue reading “How Montucky Cold Snacks Keeps Growing Double Digits”