Ballast Point Goes Outside Main Corona Network in Ohio
FILED MAY 27, 2016 When a supplier deal goes down, in some states, a brewer has 90 days to give their old distributor fair market value and then switch networks if they please. Ohio is one of those states. It's one of the biggest for beer, and an absolute top market for craft. Read More
Latest IRI: A Downward Growth Trend for Craft, But...
FILED MAY 26, 2016 In latest IRI, to May 15, we see an increasingly depressed growth curve for craft, similar to what we saw in recently reported Nielsen numbers. Four-week trends see craft up a mere 3% in volume, vs. up 6.5% YTD in multi-outlet and convenience (MULC), the widest channel set; for 52-weeks, it's up more than 9%. Of course dollar sales figures (what we'll reference mostly, unless otherwise indicated) are a couple points higher. Read More
Falling Rock Owner's Angry Open Letter
FILED MAY 25, 2016 Since when did it become evil for craft brewers to be successful and grow? Even without a takeover from big brewers? Apparently that time is now. Read More
Ballast Point to Build in Virginia
FILED MAY 24, 2016 Back in April, we reported that Virginia could be the site of an imminent East Coast brewery for Ballast Point, which Constellation management hinted at on the most recent call [see BBD 04-06-2016]. By now, the brewer has confirmed plans to build in Botetourt County, Virginia. Read More
High Heel Brewing Has its Sights Set on Females
FILED MAY 23, 2016 We typically don't cover breweries getting off the ground: how could we keep up? But one brewer coming on the scene, High Heel Brewing Company, is making quite a bit of noise with its business model - rolling out a line of beers specifically targeted to female craft beer consumers. Read More
Stone to Open Napa Pilot Brewery/Taproom
FILED MAY 20, 2016 Stone is bringing beer to wine country. The San Diego brewer has just announced a new pilot facility for Napa Valley slated to open next year. Read More
Massachusetts' Wholesalers Look to Stop HB 245 (Again)
FILED MAY 19, 2016 Some of Massachusetts' craft brewers have breathed life into House Bill 245 once more. The proposal, which some say looks to liberalize distributor-supplier agreements (but local Brewers Guild says will in fact simply make contracts enforceable, not to be superseded by franchise law), has made the rounds the past few years. It's sponsored by Representative Alice Hanlon Peisch. But so far, the Beer Distributors of Massachusetts trade association has successfully lobbied to help stall the bill and they're back in full defense mode to ensure that won't change. Read More
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