Dear Client:    Firestone Walker co-founder David Walker just shared that the company has purchased what he’s calling a “small but mighty beer brand” dubbed “Cali-Squeeze” from their “good neighbors, Hamish [Marshall] and Rod [Cegelski],” at the SLO Brewing Co.  “It’s a natural addition to our beer portfolio for so many reasons and keeps us in … Continue reading “Firestone Walker Buys Cali-Squeeze Brand From SLO Brewing”

Dear Client:    Molson Coors has just announced an equity investment in Wilmington, North Carolina-based brewery TRU Colors. If you’ve never heard of TRU Colors’ beer before, that’s because it hasn’t hit the market yet. In fact, TRU Colors is currently wrapping up construction of its 56,000-square-foot facility in Wilmington, which will hold a brewhouse capable … Continue reading “Molson Coors Takes Stake in Social Impact Company and Brewery, Tru Colors”

Dear Client:    Toppling Goliath has been in the news a few times in the last month or so. First, we reported that the Decorah, Iowa-based brewer was opening Texas with Ben E. Keith (and Arizona with Scout Distributing, where the wholesaler just set up shop). Shortly after, they jumped on to the Brewers Association’s Top … Continue reading “Fly on the Wall with Toppling Goliath Chief Clark Lewey”

Dear Client:    One of the biggest expansion projects we’ve seen lined up for a craft brewer this year is coming from a brewer that isn’t all that big. Yes, Dallas-based Community Beer Co., which reportedly produced a little under 18,000 barrels in 2019, has unveiled plans to relocate into a massive new 70,000-square-foot facility located … Continue reading “Community Beer Co. Unveils Plans for Massive New Digs in Dallas”

Dear Client:    Two of Anheuser-Busch’s Brewers Collective members are gaining serious share as regional ready-to-drink players. Devils Backbone and 10 Barrel, which both run distilleries in addition to brewery operations, are making in-roads across the United States with their spirits-based cocktails. DEVILS BACKBONE HITS TOP 20 FOR CANNED COCKTAILS. Virginia-based Devils Backbone opened its distillery … Continue reading “Devils Backbone, 10 Barrel Becoming Big Regional RTD Players”

Dear Client:    Last week, Massachusetts wholesaler Atlantic Importing Co. filed a motion in Suffolk County Superior Court seeking a declaration that local brewer “Jack’s Abby can’t terminate Atlantic’s distribution rights” and asking for a preliminary injunction to stay arbitration proceedings (among other things).  Recall, Jack’s Abby and Atlantic are scuffling over Jack’s Abby’s intent to … Continue reading “Judge Denies Atlantic’s Request for Injunction Against Jack’s Abby in Mass. Franchise Law Battle”

Dear Client:    Molson Coors spring distributor meeting earlier this week featured a few highlights from its craft division, Tenth & Blake.  Probably the biggest news was that their hot Pac Northwest “cryohop” brewery, Hop Valley, is finally going national after having been in the MC fold now for about 5 years.  The brewer is now … Continue reading “Hop Valley Wants to Win the National IPA Market”

Dear Client:   The Brewers Association released annual production figures for the U.S. craft brewing industry this morning. So how did the segment fare? In a nutshell, it lost volume share and dollar share as the on-premise was decimated, but the number of brewers continued to climb, though decelerated from prior-year opening rates.  Last year, BA-defined … Continue reading “Craft Retail Sales Were Down 22% Last Year, Production Down 9%”

Dear Client:   The Brewers Association has just announced that it will cancel the in-person, 60,000-attendee-strong Great American Beer Festival, now for the second year in a row. They promised the event would return to an “in-person gathering” model for 2022 (its 40th anniversary), October 6-8, 2022 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.  “Despite vaccination … Continue reading “Brewers Association Punts on In-Person GABF for 2021; “Live” CBC Still a Go”

Dear Client:   Stone Brewing is usually always good for an April Fool’s joke, but this ain’t one of them. Yep, it appears that not even the “Arrogant Bastard” himself can resist the temptation of entering into the hard seltzer space, as Stone Brewing is set to release Buenavida Hard Seltzer later this year. The new … Continue reading “Stone Launches Buenavida Hard Seltzer”

Dear Client:   Back in 2018, a Boulder, Colorado startup, erected by two guys from the Midwest, bet that people beyond just their devout farmers market following would drink a line of sparkling, hopped teas made with all-natural ingredients and containing no calories.  They were right. Less than three years later, that company, Hoplark, is already … Continue reading “Why You Need to Know About Hoplark”

Dear Client:   The Brewers Association Top 50 Craft Brewers List for 2020 just hit. Despite a year that was as tough and transformational as it gets, the list seemed to stay largely stable from year prior.  “The COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed where Americans purchased alcohol in 2020,” the BA said in its list release announcement.  … Continue reading “The New Top 50 Craft Brewers”

Dear Client:   Legion Brewing – a small, five-year-old brewery based in Charlotte, North Carolina – is dropping some big money this year to build out its presence in its home city. Big money indeed, Legion is currently wrapping up two expansion projects in the city that are expected to cost the brewer a total of … Continue reading “Charlotte’s Legion Brewing Spending $13 Million on Two Expansion Projects”

Dear Client:   The reopenings of own-premise locations continue to roll in… Sierra Nevada announced this week that it plans to reopen its respective taprooms and gift shops in Chico, California and Mills River, North Carolina in May, per Chico Enterprise-Record. Both taprooms have been closed for over a year. (Sierra joins a number of breweries … Continue reading “Sierra Nevada Reopening Taprooms in Chico and Mills River in May”

Dear Client:   It would appear Stone Brewing’s new leadership team is all in place. Within the past month or so, the California craft brewer has hired a vice president of strategy, a VP of marketing, and today announced a senior vice president of sales in Tom McReavy. Tom, who will oversee national sales as well … Continue reading “Stone Rounds Out New Leadership Team with SVP of Sales Hire”