Dear Client: Now that Boston and Dogfish are tied together, who directs innovation? Or is it kept separate?  DOGFISH STILL CONTROLS INNOVATION BUT CAN “TAP INTO” BOSTON MOTHERSHIP: Dogfish founder Sam Calagione told CBD they’re still “uniquely” Dogfish: “We run our brand … and our recipe innovation, locally, out of our Delaware home base,” he … Continue reading “Boston and Dogfish Focus Distillery Efforts on “Things We Can Sell Through Our Wholesalers””

Dear Client: Almost eight months in, just how well conjoined is the union between pioneering craft mover Boston Beer and off-centered culinary brewer, Dogfish Head?  Those very familiar with the two brewers might note how they are driven by excellence in culture, innovation and distribution. But how does one marry such things?  It helps that … Continue reading “Boston/Dogfish Should Be More than 80% Aligned by Year’s End”

Dear Client: Boston Beer has bought spots for Truly Lemonade to run in seven top markets during Super Bowl: New York, LA, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Boston, and Houston.   Founder Jim Koch told CBD that Truly Lemonade, which just hit earlier this year, has been doing “extremely well.” They’ve continued to revise its forecasts upward.  … Continue reading “Truly Lemonade Running Super Bowl Spots in 7 Markets”

Dear Client: Anheuser Busch’s Brewers Collective volume grew 20% last year, which chief Marcelo “Mika” Michaelis labeled as a “significant step change compared to previous years.” How do they plan to keep it up? By following three key pillars, Mika said:  1) Win in home markets; 2) Lead key styles nationally; and 3) Stay ahead … Continue reading “A-B’s Brewers Collective Aims to “Disrupt Wheat” and More in 2020″

Dear Client: In his latest post on the BA site, economist Bart Watson says the data suggests that 2020 will be the first year “where cans have outsold bottles in distributed craft.” He offered a few snapshots of how the most popular receptacles – 12 and 16 oz cans, and 12 oz bottles — are … Continue reading “Craft Cans Should Outsell Bottles This Year”

Dear Client: After a three-year hiatus, Tenth & Blake is back cutting deals in craft. The U.S. craft division for Molson Coors Beverage Company has just announced an agreement to acquire Detroit-based Atwater Brewery. The transaction is expected to be completed within the next couple of months. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. BBD … Continue reading “Molson Coors Beverage Co. to Acquire Atwater Brewery”

Dear Client: Is hard kombucha just a California thing? The numbers so far would seem to indicate so, but that could soon change. The Golden State accounts for more than 80% of the hard kombucha market currently, according to estimates from Boochcraft’s VP of sales and marketing, Brandon Börgel [see part one of our interview … Continue reading “The “Single Biggest Challenge” for Boochcraft”

Dear Client: Our reporting on the hard kombucha space has picked up pretty significantly over the past year, but will it be a common category moving forward? Possibly. The folks over at Boochcraft, one of the top players in the up-and-coming category, believes the hard kombucha space could become a $200 million to $300 million … Continue reading “Boochcraft Sizes Up the Hard Kombucha Market”

Dear Client: It’s tough being a top craft brewer these days. Competition is fierce, and watching the bottom line is essential.  So despite the fact that Lagunitas had a pretty good 2019 in scandata, especially for being a very top craft brewer– they finished up almost 1% in dollars and volume overall, with Lagunitas IPA … Continue reading “Lagunitas Restructures”

Dear Client: Schlafly Beer will soon have an additional brewpub in the St. Louis area, thanks to its purchase today of Trailhead Brewing Co. The craft on craft acquisition comes as Trailhead founder and owner Bob Kirkwood decides to retire after 25 years running the St. Charles-based brewpub.  “My partners and I felt that it … Continue reading “Schlafly Gains Another Brewpub with Acquisition of Trailhead Brewing”

Dear Client: 2019 numbers are in for the CANarchy Craft Brewery Collective, and they’re pretty dang impressive. The collective, which is now made up of seven different brands, grew 60,000 barrels over the year, taking the company from a 420,000-barrel brewer in 2018 to a 480,000-barrel brewer in 2019, marking a 14% jump in production.  … Continue reading “CANarchy Creeping Up on the 500,000-Barrel Mark”

Dear Client: Can craft brewers make a seltzer that competes with Mike’s or Boston Beer?  We asked that and other compelling questions about craft beer’s prospects in 2020 at our Beer Summit this week in Palm Beach.  The three craft brewers had three very different levels of interest in serving the seltzer segment. Rob Burns, … Continue reading “Are Things Really That Bad for Craft? Nah”

Dear Client: Molson Coors Beverage Co. CMO Michelle St. Jacques just made a stunning reveal on stage at our Beer Summit in Palm Beach at the Breakers: They’re running a 30-second spot for Saint Archer Gold, their now national Mich Ultra competitor, during The Super Bowl on February 2.  The company said it “represents the … Continue reading “Molson Coors Beverage Co Bets Big on Saint Archer Gold With Super Bowl Spot”

Dear Client: Boston Beer’s dream spot for a Sam Adams taproom will become a reality this month. Recall nearly two years ago, the company shared plans to place a Sam Adams taproom a stone’s throw distance from the Sam Adams statue located in front of Faneuil Hall in downtown Boston (you know, the statue you … Continue reading “Sam Adams’ Faneuil Hall Taproom Opening Up This Month”

Dear Client: We haven’t seen a “low-cal, hazy IPA,” take off just yet, but with a decent chunk of the top craft brewers placing bets on the segment, it appears it is only a matter of time. Case in point: It’s only January, but by our count, nearly half of the top ten craft companies, … Continue reading “Let the Low-Cal Hazy IPA Battle Begin”