Dear Client:   Yesterday, Boulevard brass filled us in on new leadership, and a push for more collaboration among Duvel USA brands. So: How did Belgian-inspired Brewery Ommegang, which overindexes on-premise, finish last year?  “Brewery Ommegang finished down in 2020 due to the on-premise environment and our relative [concentration] in that area,” Duvel USA sales and … Continue reading “Ommegang Poised for “One of its Strongest Years” in its History”

Dear Client:   Anyone who follows beer knows that Boulevard had a reckoning earlier this year when accusations of harassment surfaced, starting in January. Since then, several leaders and employees have departed in the wake of the company’s investigations into allegations of harassment and workplace hostility, including Duvel USA chief Jeff Krum and VP marketing, Natalie … Continue reading “What’s Next for Boulevard”

Dear Client:   The city of Boston is slowly starting to reopen, and Boston Beer’s Sam Adams is letting residents know “that it’s back in full force,” reports the Boston Business Journal. Indeed, this week the brewer is unveiling some of its new marketing material for the upcoming baseball season at Fenway Park, reopening its relatively … Continue reading “Sam Adams Springing Back in Boston”

Dear Client:   Alltech Lexington Brewing Company has been around for 20-plus years now, and you know what’s fascinating? They’ve never put out a product that didn’t have the work “Kentucky” on it. Well, until now. Yes, the brewer, known for their barrel-aged brews, is stepping outside of their comfort zone and launching a new line … Continue reading “Lexington Brewing Launching Cantiki Cocktail Co.”

Dear Client:   When we write about suppliers and distributors fighting over termination, it’s usually small craft brewer versus big distributor, or big distributor versus big supplier. You don’t often see small supplier and small distributor getting into it. But if it had to happen somewhere, Massachusetts, with its long history of franchise reform fracas, would … Continue reading “More Franchise Drama in Mass: Night Shift, Loverboy Grapple Over (Any) Compensation”

Dear Client:   Toppling Goliath, the revered brewer whose stouts top the “top rated” lists on the likes of BeerAdvocate and Untappd, is entering the Texas market.  We snagged a couple details on the move from president Clark Lewey.  The 12-year-old brewer out of Decorah, Iowa is bigger than we realized: Clark told CBD that they … Continue reading “Toppling Goliath Entering Texas”

Dear Client:   Last week, the TTB accepted a $1.8 million offer in compromise from Stone Brewing for a handful of alleged violations that occurred between July 1, 2017 through January 31, 2020, per TTB site.  Over this near three-year stretch, the California brewer is largely accused of failing to pay certain excise taxes and falling … Continue reading “TTB Accepts $1.8 Million Offer in Compromise from Stone Brewing”

Dear Client:   UK-based C&C Group announced this morning the sale of Vermont Hard Cider Company, LLC to Northeast Drinks Group, a “privately owned holding company with members originally from the Northeast that have experience across the beverage sector,” per Vermont Hard Cider Company (VCC) memo to distributors. It appears Northeast Drinks Group (NDG) will also … Continue reading “C&C Selling Vermont Hard Cider Co. to Private Holding Company”

Dear Client:   How’s this for a differentiation point in seltzers? A hard seltzer whose alcohol content is derived from actual fruit.  Yes, that’s the proposition with Ficks Hard Seltzer, which bills itself as “the first seltzer crafted from real fruit juice.” (Note: There are tons of seltzers out there so, who knows… but that’s the … Continue reading “Ficks Hard Seltzer Claims to be the First Crafted “From Real Fruit Juice””

Dear Client:   Massachusetts’ brewers and distributors finally came to a monumental agreement on franchise reform early this year. Prior to this legislation, brewers were pretty much locked into a distributor for life.  But now, one dispute between a local craft brewer and distributor is putting those new laws to the test.  Recall, the franchise reform … Continue reading “Mass Distributor Tries to Block Termination, Claiming Franchise Law Reform Unconstitutional”

Dear Client:   A few lucky Asheville breweries are making their TV debut this month on the docuseries “Crafted,” including one of the oldest breweries in the region, Green Man Brewery.  The docuseries, which premiered on Amazon Prime last year, explores the craft brewing scene of a different region each season. Each 14-minute episode (four per … Continue reading “NC’s Green Man Brewery to be Featured in “Crafted” Docuseries on Amazon”

Dear Client:   Craft is off to a very impressive start in 2021. The segment is flying through the first couple of months of 2021 with dollars up 17.2% YTD, per IRI multi-outlet and convenience scans to February 21. That’s faster than imports’ dollar growth YTD (+15.4%) and  super premiums’ (+16.6%), and pretty much on par … Continue reading “Craft Ranks as the Top Share Gainer YTD in IRI Scans”

Dear Client:   Last week, BBD broke news that Oklahoma City’s COOP Ale Works was bringing a Sonic seltzer to market May 1 [see BBD 03-01-2021]. Sonic Hard Seltzer will come in two different variety 12-packs: Tropical and Citrus. The Tropical Variety Pack includes Ocean Water, Orange Pineapple, Mango Guava and Melon Medley. The Citrus Variety … Continue reading “New Sonic Hard Seltzer Could Be a National Player, Producer Believes”

Dear Client:   If you haven’t heard of the “hard seltzer smoothie” brand called Smooj, get ready.  The year-old-brand, born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has reached “viral success” within the past several months, and it could soon show up in a market near you, now that it has its sights set on a national expansion, per … Continue reading “Remember the Name Smooj”

Dear Client:   Earlier this week came news that Deschutes Brewery would team up with fellow Bend-based brewer Boneyard Beer in a new “joint venture.” By now, we know that it’s not so much a joint venture as it is an acquisition. Deschutes is purchasing virtually all the assets of Boneyard in the deal; the only … Continue reading “Deschutes and Boneyard Founders Talk on Tie-Up”