Dear Client: While visiting the San Francisco Bay Area last week, we had to check out the largest area brewery, 21st Amendment. And they’re still growing, albeit slowly: Last year they did 113,000 barrels; this year, they’ll eke out a few more, producing about 116,000. Co-founder Nico Freccia was kind enough to give us a … Continue reading “San Francisco’s 21st Amendment Still Growing, Entering More Markets”

Dear Client: Odell, which just opened its first pilot brewery in Denver at RiNo Art District last year, has just announced a second location in Denver.  “The new facility, located in the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood at the corner of 17th and Perry, will feature a 10-barrel pilot brewhouse and scratch pizza kitchen,” per brewer.  Odell … Continue reading “Odell Opening Another Denver Pilot Brewery Next Year, As Innovations Pull”

Yesterday, we reported midyear trends from CANarchy, up 28% YTD in IRI, with new markets. But Boston Beer is that little publicly traded brewer with no U.S. markets to open, and has the unenviable position of having a flagship brand that is an amber-colored lager, not exactly what’s on fire these days.  But, truly (get … Continue reading “Boston On Fire: Q2 Shipments, Depletions up 17%”

Dear Client: Yesterday, we reported midyear trends from CANarchy, the consortium that represents the no. 8 Brewers Association-defined craft brewer (as of the 2018 list), having produced more than 421,000 barrels.  Given their size and continued moves, we had some big “outlook” questions for president and COO Matt Fraser. You, dear reader, are a fly … Continue reading “CANarchy COO on Consolidation, Capital and More”

Dear Client: Hidden toward the bottom of a release about CANarchy brands’ YTD growth trends (they’re up 28% YTD in IRI, far outpacing craft’s general low-single digit growth) was news of an imminent new offering from Oskar Blues: One-y, a 100-calorie hazy IPA.  The company said the innovation (and other new offerings, noted below) are … Continue reading “Oskar Blues Announces One-y, 100-Calorie Hazy IPA”

Dear Client: It’s a sign of the times.  Karen and Richard Wood, a Colorado couple that founded Grand Lake Brewing in 2002, were planning to hand the reins to their two sons earlier this year, per Westword report, when one of the sons said he wanted to do something different. The son, Hunter Wood, wanted … Continue reading “Inside One of the Country’s First Seltzer Taprooms”

Dear Client: Can’t say this news surprises us. With A-B purchasing a company, Cutwater Spirits, to get into the ready-to-drink category, and Boulevard Brewing partnering with spirits companies to enter into the space with Fling Craft Cocktails… It only makes sense for Rogue to take advantage of its well-established distilling arm and join in on … Continue reading “Rogue Rolling Out Sparkling Canned Cocktails”

Dear Client: Today, the Nielsen crew presented a Power Hour with the Brewers Association probing the latest on craft drinker trends. It depicted the latest trends from their annual Craft Beer Insights Poll, which they’ve now done for five years, in conjunction with the Harris Poll and the BA.  Many of the trends were generally … Continue reading “Four Takeaways from the BA’s “Craft Consumer” Power Hour”

Dear Client: Yesterday we told you that New Belgium chief Steve Fechheimer thinks they can get Fat Tire back to growth. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen the brand grow in scandata.  In the latest Nielsen, the brand is down -6.9% on volume. “This is +5.9pts better than our YTD trend,” Steve says.  But looking … Continue reading “Fat Tire Launches New Campaign: “Finding Common Ground””

Dear Client: New Belgium is having a darn good year, especially for a top 5 Brewers Association defined craft brewer, in off-premise scandata. The brewer is up about 8.6% in dollars YTD to June 16, in IRI’s multi-outlet and convenience. That’s not on the back of their iconic flagship, Fat Tire Amber Ale, which put … Continue reading “Is New Belgium, Like, an IPA Brewery Now?”

Dear Client: When we had Constellation chief Bill Newlands on the horn a few weeks ago to catch up on all things beer (and cannabis), we had to ask about Ballast Point.  According to numbers from The New Brewer, Ballast Point has lost about 25% of its volume since Constellation bought it at the very … Continue reading “Bill Newlands on Constellation’s Craft Strategy”

Dear Client: So now, non-alcoholic craft beer that’s meant to be paired with cannabis is a thing. And Colorado retailers are carrying it.  Drinkmaker Gruvi has set up shop in Colorado, catering to cannabis users (but note, it is not infused with THC or CBD), “using terpenes [the compounds that give cannabis its aroma and … Continue reading “Non-Alc, Non-THC Gruvi Targets Cannabis Occasions with Terpenes”

Dear Client: Lagunitas just announced that it has hired Kelly Murnaghan as its new chief marketing officer. She will report directly to CEO Maria Stipp. The new hire replaces the CMO vacancy left behind by Noelle Haley, who quietly left the company in January of this year, per Noelle’s LinkedIn. Recall that Noelle joined Lagunitas … Continue reading “Lagunitas Taps Former Vans’ VP Marketing as New CMO”

Dear Client: Austin. It’s the first incubator and home market of hot consumer brands, from Whole Foods, to a little something called Tito’s Handmade Vodka (and the also-fast-growing Deep Eddy Vodka, for that matter).   And now, a MillerCoors vet is trying to corner the seltzer draft market in this thought-leading city, right as A-B’s Bon … Continue reading “Shotgun Seltzer Aims to Corner Austin Draft Market”

Dear Client: Samuel Adams Seasonal, though still down low-single digits YTD in IRI, is up low-to-mid-singles in the most recent 4- and 12-week periods. But Boston founder Jim Koch told CBD it’s not just the Summer Ale reformulation juicing the numbers. “Part of it is that the category is consolidating away from clutter and confusion,” … Continue reading “Seasonal Squeeze Should Help Sam Seasonal Grow Through Year End, Says Jim”