Dear Client: This week, Isaac Arthur and Cody Fague of CODO Design took to the Brewers Association’s virtual CBC series to give insights on “Using Science to See What Packaging Works and How Your Brewery Can Sell More Beer.” The talk featured Shannon Anderson, Senior Project Manager at Package InSight, a South Carolina-based consumer research … Continue reading “The Packaging Trends that Help Sell More Beer”

Dear Client: Yes, premium beers and legacy brands that hadn’t been growing in years are up in recent weeks’ scan data. But as Brewers Association chief economist Bart Watson points out, their share trends among beer– which is largely growing across the board — can still be down.  For example, “lager and light lager are … Continue reading “IPA Still a Top Share Gainer Among Beer”

Dear Client: CBA earnings just hit, previously unannounced. Digging into the 10-Q filing, it appears that overall depletions were down 6% for the quarter. Kona depletions were down 5%, Widmer down 13%, Redhook down 9%, and Omission up 5%.  First quarter shipments were also down 6%, partially reflecting COVID-19 impacts. Naturally, virus-spurred shutdowns affected their … Continue reading “CBA Depletions Down 6% for Q1”

Dear Client: We’ve seen brewers across the country try to combat this pandemic in a variety of ways — from making hand sanitizer, to supplying drinking water, setting up relief funds, and much more — but lending their lab to increase the availability of testing is definitely a new one. Leave it to Sierra Nevada … Continue reading “Sierra Nevada Using its Lab to Supply Tools for Virus Testing”

Dear Client: Right before the weekend hit came a glimmer of hope for Oregon breweries/wineries and the state’s on-premise operators that they could reopen their doors sooner than expected. It appears the state wants to open up on-premise establishments, like bars, restaurants, brewpubs, tasting rooms a little quicker than the federal guidelines handed down by … Continue reading “Deschutes Readying for the Reopening of Oregon On-Premise in July”

Dear Client: The latest top 50 craft brewer to communicate a keg buyback program is Michigan-based Bell’s.  “We know that many of you are grappling with what to do with your kegs, both in your warehouses and at retail, and it is our hope that the below details will make the return process for Bell’s … Continue reading “Bell’s Offering 70% of FOB Credit for Untapped, Expired Kegs”

Dear Client: Keg buyback programs from the top craft brewers continue to trickle in.  Earlier this week we shared SweetWater’s plans for keg relief, and now we’ve got a hold of the keg relief program that Founders Brewing is rolling out. The Michigan brewer sent word to its wholesaler partners yesterday, stating its intention to … Continue reading “Founders the Latest Craft Brewer to Offer Keg Credits”

Dear Client: As much of the country’s on premise locations remain shuttered for the moment (though some are beginning to reopen), many state brewers guilds are detailing their pain points via surveys, which paint grim prospects for their brewers and ask for more aid, as well as to extend emergency provisions like delivery. One thing … Continue reading “Surveys Detail Craft Woes by State”

Dear Client: From Coast to Coast, craft brewers of all kinds are employing creative means to stay afloat as direct sales at brewpubs and through the on premise have been severed due to COVID measures.  For example, they’re certainly not the smallest of craft brewers, but A-B owned Goose Island has apparently dispatched a sort … Continue reading “More Brewers of All Sizes Doing Direct Delivery”

Dear Client: SweetWater is one of the latest top 50 craft brewers to articulate a keg “buyback” program.  CBD intercepted a note to distributors in the Southeast offering the producer’s plans for keg relief: The brewer is offering “55% credit of the laid in cost on the kegs in your warehouse and full kegs at … Continue reading “More Craft Brewers Offer Keg Credits”

Dear Client: By now, most of the largest craft brewers, like Sierra Nevada and Boston Beer, have announced credits for expiring keg returns (60% and 50%, respectively; Boston’s terms were pre-existing). Even Summit Brewing, which only produces a hair over 120,000 barrels, announced a plan to offer full credit on untapped, expiring kegs, about a … Continue reading “Some Distribs Asking Small Brewers for Buybacks”

Dear Client: Yesterday’s Boston Beer earnings call spent a lot of time trying to discern what the current crisis means for the brewer’s immediate future.  For example, as we covered in this morning’s BBD — could Boston ramp up capacity by buying one of the many distressed craft brewers about to hit the market?  It’s … Continue reading “How Will Boston Tackle Summer?”

Dear Client: The stakes keep getting higher, but Boston keeps pulling the rabbit out of the hat, quarter after quarter. For depletions, at least: The company just reported Q1 depletions up 36%, or up 30% without Dogfish Head (which they of course acquired last summer). Shipments were up more than 32% for the quarter (27.5% … Continue reading “Boston Depletions Up 36%, But Current Crisis is Costly”

Dear Client: This week, industry “sales” guru Tom Fox, now of Fox Sales Coaching, presented a virtual Craft Brewers Conference seminar dubbed “Developing Selling Skills.”  Among his most timely advice? How to sell to the on-premise again, when it slowly starts opening up, after weeks or months of lost revenue. That question actually came from … Continue reading “Tom Fox on Selling in This New Reality”

Dear Client: There’s a robust Reddit thread on craft beers shipping both in and out-of-state, a medium which seems especially in demand for both brewers and consumers as the crisis hampers regular channels.  After perusing some of the options – sites like Tavour offer to ship brands from almost all 50 states that are otherwise … Continue reading “What’s the Deal with Craft Beer Shipping?”