Dear Client:  Last week, the Brewers Association and Beer Institute gathered representatives from breweries across the country to discuss the impact the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act (CMBTRA) has had for their businesses over the past few years and the importance of extending the tax plan in the midst of a global pandemic. … Continue reading “CBMTRA Crucial for Craft Following COVID”

Part II of Brewers Association chief economist Bart Watson’s presentation focuses on two popular topics: E-commerce, and regulatory trends.  Obviously, e-commerce bev alc sales accelerated during COVID. So did loosening bev alc regulations, as on-premise shutdowns drove temporary rules allowing direct to consumer sales in many parts of the nation. But Bart believes that e-commerce … Continue reading “Bart Groks Hot Topics: E-commerce and Regulation”

Dear Client:  It’s been quite a week for the webinar docket.  Today, Brewers Association chief economist Bart Watson ran down the craft trends for 2020, and offered some predictions for the new year. What did we find most salient? Read on.  Q3 GROWTH TRENDS BETTER THAN MIDYEAR, BUT SMALLEST BREWERS FARED THE WORST. The BA … Continue reading “Bart Watson Sums Craft’s “Tumultuous” 2020, Predicts 2021″

Dear Client:  Yesterday the Brewers Association hosted a virtual “Town Hall” for members, to outline their priorities (tax relief extensions and COVID relief inclusions) for the waning days of 2020, as well as top priorities for 2021 (diversity, new marketing efforts and more). We bring you the highlights. CEO Bob Pease opened the session touting … Continue reading “Brewers Association Spills its Playbook: Tax Relief, DTC, Marketing and More”

   Dear Client:  Austin, Texas-based seltzer brand Mighty Swell has been doing mighty swell (ehh?) over the past few months. The company celebrated its twelve-millionth can sold (i.e. half a million cases) this summer and reported 100%+ year-over-year growth between 2019 and 2020. The company has even launched a partnership with this year’s Superbowl host, … Continue reading “How a Growing Seltzer Brand Pivoted from Sparkling Cocktail Beginnings”

Dear Client:  Large swaths of California, including the regions home to Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, entered new stay-at-home orders on Sunday night, reports CNN. Governor Gavin Newsom issued a mandate last week (including the stay-at-home requirements) intended to slow rising Covid hospitalizations across the state. The order kicked in as intensive care … Continue reading “California Closed for Business Yet Again”

Dear Client:  Yesterday, Founders co-founder Mike Stevens gave us the skinny on their big, hairy seltzer bet for 2021. They want Más Agave Premium Hard Seltzer to be the top premium U.S. hard seltzer within three years, which could add significant volume to their 570,000 barrels of annual production.  Yes, their evolution toward what many … Continue reading “For Founders’ Future Innovation, “Anything and Everything” is Possible”

Dear Client:  Despite being in the backyard of one of COVID’s hardest-hit states, Michigan-based Founders expects to have a flat year, with its lead IPA horses growing single and double-digits (after having lost their draft component).  And they have another log to throw on the fire: Más Agave Premium Hard Seltzer. It’s still only in … Continue reading “Behind Founders Big Bet to have the Top Premium Hard Seltzer”

Dear Client:  Come springtime, Hop Valley Brewing Company will be making its way across the USA. Known for their cryo-hopped beers, the Oregon-based brewer (acquired by MillerCoors back in 2016) has grown leaps and bounds over the years – all in a relatively tight footprint too. The brewer, which currently distributes to 10 states (all … Continue reading “Molson Coors’ Hop Valley Going National This Spring”

Dear Client:  How times have changed. There was a time where Mass. Bay Brewing Co., better known as Harpoon, was simply a regional powerhouse brewer, known for brands like Harpoon IPA. These days, they’re becoming better known for their regional powerhouse seltzer brand: Arctic Chill.  In fact, Arctic Chill is the no. 1 regional brand … Continue reading “Mass Bay Expects Arctic Chill Seltzer to Drive Company Growth”

Dear Client:  The hits from the pandemic keep coming, as Founders Brewing has once again furloughed a significant number of its hospitality and retail workers. The Grand Rapids-based brewer, which temporarily laid off 163 employees back at the beginning of the pandemic in April, has made the call to undergo another round of furloughs – … Continue reading “Founders Implements Another Round of “Temporary” Furloughs”

Dear Client:  We’d gotten a hot tip that Washington-based Schilling Hard Cider, a quirky, regional hard cider company branded with cartoonish animal labels, had actually started to outsell Boston Beer’s Angry Orchard to become the no. 1 cider in Washington State.  We caught up with founder Colin Schilling to tell us about their outlook for … Continue reading “The Not-So-Small Cider Company That’s Up Double Digits This Year”

Dear Client:  Despite all of 2020’s challenges, Golden Road put together “a pretty strong year,” GM Dan Hamill told CBD. Indeed, the brewery is up 6% in volume overall, and has sold the most cases that it’s ever sold in its nine years of doing business, according to Dan. Driving much of this success for … Continue reading “Golden Road Going All In on Mango Cart with First-Ever TV Spot”

Dear Client:  Today, your editors got a chance to chat with the GMs of some of the biggest brands from A-B’s Brewers Collective, from Goose Island to Elysian to Kona and Golden Road.  Each brewer has some big bets for 2021, even despite the uncertainty at retail that remains. Some of the brewers will get … Continue reading “A-B Investing Unprecedented Millions in Media for Kona and Elysian”

Dear Client:  Your editor recently noticed an interesting new seltzer package at the store: Two Robbers Craft Hard Seltzer sports an intriguing minimalistic drawing of two almost-identical skulls (one sporting a moustache … funny). It’s a brand we thought we’d maybe heard of, but with so many seltzer entrants … who can remember.  Turns out, … Continue reading “This Quirky Philly Brand is One of the Fastest-Growing Regional Seltzers”