Dear Client: As BBD reported this morning, all signs point to Massachusetts franchise law finally getting reformed in a way that pleases both brewers and distributors — some 10 years in the making.  Over the weekend, the Massachusetts Brewers Guild and the Beer Distributors of Massachusetts reached an agreement to allow craft brewers — under … Continue reading “Sam Hendler on Mass Franchise Reform (Probably), Plus Jack’s Abby Trends”

Dear Client: We’ve got one more big takeaway to bring you from yesterday’s Brewers Association “Collab” with Nielsen’s Danelle Kosmal – and that’s that the idea of “local” is only becoming more important to craft consumers. MORE CRAFT DRINKERS LABELING LOCAL AS IMPORTANT. This year, 39% of the 2,000 craft drinkers surveyed for Nielsen’s Craft … Continue reading “Local Is As Important As It’s Ever Been”

Dear Client: Nielsen’s Danelle Kosmal did a “Collab” hour with the Brewers Association, featuring the latest results from their Craft Beer Insights Poll, to “get into the mind of a craft consumer.” We bring you the highlights here.  First she covered some big facts and trends from the data, and a couple really struck us … Continue reading “Craft Drinkers Still Promiscuous and Demanding”

Dear Client: After Stone Brewing announced its first-ever national campaign yesterday, we inquired about YTD trends. Is the decades-old, San Diego-based craft brewer seeing the same off-premise growth as other known brands?  Yes.  Stone’s total U.S. off-premise trends are up 5.9% YTD, and 17% post-COVID, per Dan Lamb, Chief Commercial Officer.  SoCal trends are exceeding … Continue reading “Stone’s Off-Premise Trends are Up 17% in the “Post-COVID” Era”

Dear Client: Half year scan numbers are in, and craft is sitting pretty. The segment is up 12.3% in dollars YTD through July 4, per Nielsen all outlet scans.  Craft dollars are growing a little faster in grocery, up 13.4% YTD; and just shy of double-digit growth in convenience, up 9.2%. The three big brands … Continue reading “Craft Heads Into the Back Half of the Year, Up 12.3% in Scans”

Dear Client: When Governor Greg Abbott re-closed bars in Texas a few weeks ago, he offered a seemingly simple way to separate bars from brewery restaurants: 51% of your revs must come from food. Those breweries who have more beer than food sales must close (but can offer to-go).  But according to Saint Arnold Brewing … Continue reading “Texas Tallying Distributed Beer in Deciphering Brewery Restaurants from Bars”

Dear Client: Bold Rock continues to add to its Beyond Beer, er, Beyond Cider portfolio. The company, which ranked as the number two cider company in the U.S. last year (behind Angry Orchard), has steadily branched out into other bev alc categories over the past year. Last year, Bold Rock launched a line of hard … Continue reading “Bold Rock Dives Deeper into FMB Space with Hard Tea, Lemonade Lines”

Dear Client: Yesterday, a tweet from Brewers Association chief economist Bart Watson made us choke on our water (ok, beer): “TTB 2nd quarter permit numbers are out and brewery permits grew again — now topping 12,081.” That’s up about 254 over Q1.  But, hold on. This number is largely comprised of permits submitted before COVID … Continue reading “Will We See 10,000 Brewers in 2021?”

Dear Client: While the majority of on-premise establishments have opened their doors by now, we still have a long way to go before things get back to where they were in the on-premise, the latest Pour Report from BeerBoard shows. Recall BeerBoard is a digital analytical tool for on-premise retailers and suppliers, which manages more … Continue reading “Lights are On, But Taps are Gone in the On-Premise”

Dear Client: It was only a matter of time before Dogfish Head, which is now part of Truly maker, Boston Beer Co., would try its hand at seltzer.  Of course, a Dogfish seltzer would have to be “Off-Centered,” like the company.  Enter “Hoppy Medium,” which builds on Dogfish’s love affair with hops (after all, Sam … Continue reading “Dogfish Debuts “Hoppy Medium” Hard Seltzer at its Delaware Properties”

Dear Client: Cincinnati’s Rhinegeist has had to do what other top craft brewers are doing to stay alive in this climate, where 30% of their business (in the on premise) has disappeared overnight: Act more like a big brewer, redeploying efforts toward 12 packs of core brands, and merchin’ at 4 in the mornin’.   VP … Continue reading “Rhinegeist, Postponing the ESOP, Eyes a Flat year”

Dear Client: Allagash founder Rob Tod has proven an industry sage. Not only has he been wise enough to achieve the unlikely – becoming a top 30, nationally recognized craft brewer, despite being tucked all the way up in Maine, with roughly 70% sales in draft, to boot (heretofore) – but also, his discipline has … Continue reading “Industry Sage Rob Tod on Allagash’s Successful Shift to Off-Premise”

Dear Client: Alpine Beer co-founder Pat McIlhenney intends to be back in the beer business — brewing at the same facility he started out in, to boot.  Recall, Green Flash bought San Diego’s Alpine about six years ago.  Pat recently told San Diego Beer News that he and his son Shawn, who served as brewmaster … Continue reading “Alpine Brewing Founders Getting Back in the Business”

Dear Client: Craft is picking up steam in scans as we come up on the halfway mark of 2020. The segment is growing dollars double digits YTD in Nielsen all outlet scans to June 20, up 11.4%. And its trends are even higher in the latest frames, posting 14.4% growth in the latest four weeks, … Continue reading “Craft Accelerates in Latest Scans”

Dear Client: Milton Glaser, the iconic graphic designer responsible for the Brooklyn Brewery logo and countless other works of art, passed away on Friday, June 26, his 91st birthday.  “His wife and only immediate survivor, Shirley Glaser, said the cause was a stroke. He also had renal failure,” according to an obituary published in The … Continue reading “Brooklyn Brewery’s Steve Hindy Remembers Milton Glaser”