Dear Client:  We’ve been teasing a cocktail-inspired collection of seltzers from giant Texas craft brewer, Spoetzl Brewing, of Shiner Bock fame.  Now we have the details. The company has just released a new collection of 100-calorie, 4.5% ABV “cocktail-inspired” seltzers, playing on “Texas classics.” Each mix 12-pack of this new “Tall ‘Tails” offering features a … Continue reading “Shiner Releases Texas Cocktail-Inspired Seltzers”

Dear Client:  Faithful CBD readers won’t be shocked to learn that the total non-alcoholic (“NA”) segment is growing; it’s up more than 16% YTD (in Nielsen US xAOC plus liquor and convenience, YTD for the week ended 10/9). Those gains come against a backdrop of a slowed category: Total beer/FMB/cider is down 3.3% in dollars … Continue reading “Craft Offerings and 6 Packs Driving the Non-Alc Boom”

Dear Client:  Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the latest CGA on-premise report (covering the week to October 30) is not that the channel’s sales velocity is flying above the same week last year, up 46%, or that it’s above 2019 too, up 21%.  Nope, those trends are great, but what’s more noteworthy is how the … Continue reading “Is the “New Normal” for the On-Premise Already Here?”

Dear Client:  The double-digit declines continue for craft in the latest four weeks of NielsenIQ scans through October 23. Craft volume fell 11.7% for the four weeks and dollars dropped 10.2%. It was one of three segments that saw volume and dollars drop double-digits during the frame, the other two being below premium and malt … Continue reading “Sam Adams a Bright Spot in Another Dismal Showing for Craft in Scans”

Dear Client:  Single-serves’ share of off-premise beer dollars is back on the rise this year and growing in nearly all beer segments, including craft, according to the latest monthly update from Bump Williams Consulting. Indeed, after hitting 9.6 share of craft dollars in 2018, single-serves’ share went on a steady descent over the past two … Continue reading “Single-Serves an Area of Opportunity for Craft”

Dear Client:  We got Dogfish Head co-founder Sam Calagione on our Beernet Radio podcast earlier this week to talk about 2021 trends and plans for 2022.   After a relatively quiet year for the brewer, Dogfish has just released The Dogfish Head Book: 26 Years of Off-Centered Adventures, via publishing house Wiley. It’s basically a retrospective … Continue reading “Sam Calagione on Alignment, Canned Cocktails, and Chess”

Dear Client:  Last month, we reported that Tilray, now the parent company of Atlanta-based SweetWater Brewing Co., planned to bring new products to market under that craft banner. Among them: chief Irwin Simon hinted that SweetWater would team up with one of its cannabis brands for a vodka soda canned cocktail under Tilray’s “RIFF brand.” … Continue reading “SweetWater Bringing “RIFF” Vodka Soda to Market”

Dear Client:  A rent dispute has led Stone Brewing to “abruptly” close their three-year-old brewpub in downtown Napa, per the Napa Valley Register. The brewer claims their landlords at the building, West Pueblo Partners, which they have been entangled in a legal dispute with for much of this year, “forced [them] to close.” The dispute, … Continue reading “Stone Brewing Closes Napa Brewpub Amid Rent Dispute”

Dear Client:  Back in August, Vik Nayar, co-founder of Philadelphia-based seltzer company, Two Robbers, hinted to CBD about their imminent entry into the nitro hard coffee space  [see CBD 08-12-2021].  And now, the company has revealed to CBD that they are imminently launching that product – Happy Coffee — in Q4. A year and a … Continue reading “Low-Cal “Happy Coffee” Wants to Take on Indulgent Craft Seasonals”

Dear Client:  A couple of craft breweries — one top 50 craft brewer (Surly Brewing), and one of the oldest craft breweries out there (Anderson Valley Brewing Company) — have announced plans to bring on more markets this week. For Surly, the Minnesota-based brewer has announced plans to expand its distribution footprint to Kansas & … Continue reading “Midwest Markets on Tap for Surly Brewing and Anderson Valley Brewing”

Dear Client:  Remember Atlanta-based Scofflaw? Today the brewery is announcing a new shared services platform. Dubbed IndieBrew, for Independent Brewers Union, the program seeks to help smaller brewers be more competitive by pooling back-of-office functions, from procurement to forecasting, leveraging a “market wide sales force” and more. “Two breweries are expected to merge onto this … Continue reading “Scofflaw Announces New Shared Services Platform, IndieBrew”

Dear Client:  There’s a new winery popping up in Ohio, and the person behind it is a brewer.  Josh Elliot, “the very first employee” of Cincinnati craft brewer, Urban Artifact, launched a new winery this month as “an outgrowth” of the sour and fruited beer brewer, per Cincinnati Biz Journal. The new winery, called Fruit … Continue reading “Longtime Urban Artifact Brewer Launches Winery as “An Outgrowth of the Brewery””

Dear Client:  Yesterday we reported that Boston Q3 earnings saw depletions and shipments up 11%, and that the company incurred costs of more than $130 million related to seltzer’s slowdown (for more, see yesterday’s CBD).  Depletions were up on the back of everything but Angry Orchard; shipments were up on the back of everything but … Continue reading “Boston on the Q3 Deets”

Dear Client:  It was arguably Boston Beer’s late July Q2 results —where the company posted 24% depletion growth, a halving of prior trends — where “Seltzer Slowdowngate” officially started.  Recall, that showing led the company to revise depletion and shipment growth estimates significantly downward, to between +25% and +40% (odd times indeed, when this is … Continue reading “Boston Grows Depletions and Shipments 11% in Q3 but Sees $133 Million Cost to Seltzer Slowdown”

Dear Client:  Last week we wrote about craft’s slip in dollar share over the month of September in NielsenIQ scans, and a similar story bears out in the latest set of IRI scans.  CRAFT STRUGGLES IN SEPTEMBER SCANS. Craft wasn’t the big loser of dollar share during the four weeks to October 3 in IRI’s … Continue reading “How Does Craft’s 2021 Off-Premise Sales and Dollar Share Compare to 2019?”