Our Philosophy

Our vision of the beer world, our style and our whole philosophy are somewhat different from other trade publications. We focus on the United States commercial beer industry, while always keeping an eye on international brewing events to gauge their effect here. We stress the links between politics, personalities, law, and business. We are irreverent, and we are independent. We do not accept advertising in our publications, and our content is gathered and edited always with the reader in mind, so you always get the unvarnished straight scoop, without the fluff and bull you get in other publications.

BeerNet gives our clients the information they need to make them more powerful and effective managers and leaders, both on an on-going basis with our “push” newsletters (delivered via email), and on a reference basis with our archived web resource at craftbusinessdaily.com.

Our knowledge-based publications and summits not only help our clients become strategic and tactical in their thinking about the business of beer, they also empower our clients with an institutional understanding of the everyday events and people that drive our industry. We don’t just report the news, we connect the dots and draw conclusions.

Our publications and Beer Summits are expensive by design, not blunder. Their price keeps the readership to a manageable few who are serious about exploring the tough issues in the beer industry.

At a time when business is going global and when more and more companies are striving to join the United States beer economy (the largest profit pool in the world, by far), our timely electronic publications give you the news and infomation as it happens, with institutional memory and perspective added, and you can see historical issues archived on our website.

This approach is increasingly relevant: 1. Daily news, digested and stripped of bull, with political and strategic perspective added; and 2. The in-depth investigation into the changes in the post-21st Amendment three-tier system in the U.S., plus the latest ideas to become more productive beer distributors and marketers.

Who Subscribes?

Top and middle execs from all major breweries and importers subscribe, all major trade associations, most craft brewers, and thousands of beer wholesalers.

BeerNet’s publications are read on all continents of the world except Antarctica. The chairmen of the top 3 global brewers read, the top 5 importers subscribe, the owners of the top 20 beer distributors read, and thousands of others. Our open rates on Beer Business Daily emails regularly exceed 100%.

From the smallest wholesaler to the largest brewer, BeerNet’s publications provide what no other trade publisher can: edited beer industry news every day, and cutting-edge marketing, consumer, and branding information on how to become a more productive beer industry professional.

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected] or call me at 210-805-8006.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Harry Schuhmacher

Editor & Publisher