Toppling Goliath Reaches Central Florida

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Iowa-based Toppling Goliath has just announced it will hit Central Florida with Sunshine State Distributing, with its first shipments due this week.

The 10-year-old brewer makes some of the most coveted beers in the world. For example, Ratebeer awards them the top spot on their RateBeer Top 50 list, for the brewer’s Kentucky Brunch imperial stout.

Toppling Goliath has over 35 beers in its ever-growing portfolio. But their flagships include Psuedo Sue Pale Ale and Golden Nugget IPA.

“Sunshine State Distribution has shown us they are the right team to make an impact in central Florida with our brand and we can’t wait to start a long partnership with them and new customers,” said president Clark Lewey.

Toppling Goliath is now distributing into 17 states and has opened a brand new 100-barrel system brewery and a two-story taproom in Decorah, IA.


The latest craft brewer to jump on the session trend is Arizona’s Huss Brewing. They’re going all in, via a new domestic play with craft cred, dubbed Arizona Light Lager. It’s 110 calories.

“We’ve been thinking about this for over a year – as more bar owners and beer buyers kept asking for a locally made light lager that was priced aggressively,” said sales director, Chip Mulala.

“The question was, could we do it at the right price,” he said. “Our goal was to line priced in 12 Packs at Super Premium (NOT traditional Craft pricing!)”

Arizona Light Lager was tested at Arizona locations of Buffalo Wild Wings.

Now the brew will hit draft at Arizona Buffalo Wild Wings, and be
poured at select Spring Training stadiums throughout Maricopa County.

Twelve-pack cans will hit retail, including “major grocery chains” in April.

Packaging and tap handles will feature “vintage-looking graphics that scream Arizona — bright, sunny and light,” according to official announcement.

And packaged units will sport an ingredients label, to include Arizona Light’s vital 11o calorie, 8 grams carbs nutrition value.

There are also commemorative packages involving local country radio station, 102.5 KNIX-FM branding, as personalities helped weigh in on the product’s development.

We haven’t spoken to Huss brass brand since about 2016, when they acquired fellow Arizona brewer Papago, known for its Orange Blossom brew [see CBD 09-14-2016]. The tie-up between the two gave way to a 9,000 barrel brewer. Huss has apparently been cooking since then, having finished last year up 32%, for a total of 18,800 barrels.


The Brewers Association unveiled its 2019 Board of Directors yesterday afternoon. And while there are a few new faces on this year’s board, much of the lineup has stayed the same from last year.

The executive committee is identical to last year. The committee chairs and the packaging brewer representative board members are the same as 2018 too. But we do have some new people sitting in on the American Homebrewers Association Representative Board, the At-Large Board, and Brewpub Representative Board.

The most notable shakeup, perhaps, takes place in the At-Large board. Here, we have new board member Kevin Blodger, co-founder and head brewer at Baltimore’s Union Craft Brewing, taking a seat, and Larry Chase stepping in as well. These two replace outgoing board members Boston Beer founder Jim Koch and CCBA chief Tom McCormick as at-large representatives.

Another new board member is Jill Marilley. Jill will take one of the two seats on the AHA board. She was appointed by the AHA governing committee to fill in the vacancy left behind by term-limited director Chris Frey, and will joins Roxanne Westendorf on the AHA board.

And the final new face to the board is Leah Cheston co-owner of Right Proper Brewing in Washington D.C. Leah was elected to the Brewpub board, and will fill in a spot left behind by Larry Chase.

To see the full 2019 lineup click here.

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