The Results From Kona’s Biggest Distribution Drive, “Dawn Patrol”

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In March we reported on Kona’s first ever national TV campaign during March Madness.

That coincided with their biggest ever wholesaler distribution drive. They called the drive “Dawn Patrol,” seeking to get plenty of Kona on shelves given the nationwide media and 25th anniversary promotions.

So how did it move the needle for the brand?  Cindy Wang, the Senior Brand Director for National Brands at CBA, gave CBD some insights.

“We made the decision to invest big in media this year to support CBA’s largest distribution drive, Dawn Patrol,” she said. “We’ve had incredible participation in Dawn Patrol … over 83% of all wholesalers, including 100% of our A & B wholesalers, have gone all in on helping us get more Big Wave & Longboard on shelves nationally.” Their efforts, Cindy said,  “resulted in 75% achievement of our distribution goal, which one month left to go.”

And how about that national TV campaign? Cindy said they saw some great traction from it. “Our website traffic increased 3x over the average during March Madness – with 70% of the traffic coming organically from search,” with “lots of folks coming in to find out more about the beer.” Their social channels also got a boost: “Our Instagram followers increased 3x over our average, and our Twitter engagement was 8x more than the industry benchmark during the campaign,” she said.

Did it move the needle in the on premise? She couldn’t get too number-specific here, as the company reports earnings next week. But she says they saw a lift in the channel, as their sales team “executed over 1,100 on-premise promotions during March Madness.”

Beyond the national TV campaign and the distribution drive, the company is also celebrating Kona’s 25th anniversary all year long. To commemorate, they released a Hibiscus Brut IPA that’s currently only available in Hawaii, but will be making its way to the mainland in draft and 6-pack cans this fall. “Additionally, we are launching one of our Kona pub favorites, Kua Bay IPA, for the first time in 6-pack bottles and draft across the mainland as our summer seasonal, showing up in stores any day now,” Cindy said.


PERRIN DOES DESIGN REFRESH. Perrin Brewing Company has announced a design update. “The refresh kicked off in January, with the introduction of a sleek new logo, which was followed by updated cans and secondary packaging,” per announcement. “All redesigned packaging across the brewery’s line-up of liquids is now appearing on shelves across Michigan.”

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