Sam Adams Rolls out a New Hazy Brew from Boston Nanobrewery

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Sam Adams will be producing not one, but two hazy style beers for national distribution this year.

As you may know, the company made its first foray into the hazy realm last year with Sam Adams New England IPA, and it was a big hit in year one, holding the “highest repeat rate” of any new craft beer launched last year, Boston Beer CEO Dave Burwick noted on last week’s earnings call.

Now, they’ll try to replicate that success by adding another hazy style for nationwide distribution. And guess what the new hazy brew will be named? New England Pale Ale. (It’s one of the bigger launches to have been hatched at the Sam Adams Boston Nanobrewery.)

To be clear, Sam Adams will have both the New England IPA and New England Pale Ale out for nationwide distribution this year.

What sparked the idea for another? “In true Sam Adams style, the minute we landed our New England IPA, we began experimenting on the style to play up the juiciness even more, but also to balance it with a soft, clean finish,” Boston Beer founder Jim Koch shared in the release.

HOW’S IT DIFFERENT? So the New England Pale Ale is a little bit more “sessionable and balanced for easy drinking with friends,” per release. Indeed, New England Pale Ale clocks in at 5.5% ABV, while New England IPA weighs in at 6.8% ABV.

What differentiates New England Pale Ale from the slew of other hazy styles out there? The biggie is the hops, according to a release. While “most” brewers use American hops, Sam Adams is “adding three new generation German varieties – Mandarina, Mellon, and Blanc – to Mosaic and Citra,” an additional move they feel makes the beer more drinkable.

The New England Pale Ale is now available in four-pack 16 oz. cans within New England, and in six-pack 12 oz. cans outside of New England. The four-pack and six-pack will both carry a suggested retail price of $9.99.


Another week, another craft brewer trying its hand at a low-cal product.

Last week, it was Arizona’s Huss Brewing launching Arizona Light. This week it’s New York’s Southern Tier Brewing rolling out Swipe Light – a brew that “bridges the gap between craft beer flavor and lower calorie, easier drinking beers.”

Swipe Light weighs in at 4% ABV and packs 110 calories, “lighter than other craft options,” the release notes. Still, “because it’s brewed with a focus on flavor, Swipe Light delivers more complexity for a truly ‘craft’ drinking experience.”

A picture of Swipe Light in the release also indicates that it will be packaged in the ultra hot slim cans.

Another popular space they’ll tackle? The haze space. They have a hazy IPA in the works, dubbed Lake Shore Fog. The brew was initially hatched at Southern Tier’s Pittsburgh taproom, and “over the course of a year, and thousands of consumer interactions, Lake Shore Fog was refined and optimized,” per release. The “final iteration” of the beer “is loaded up with Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo hops and is dry hopped in 4 different ways.”

The third and final year-round brew joining Southern Tier’s lineup is a revamped version of an old IPA in the portfolio, Nu Skool.

The new brew, called Nu Juice is a “new take on trendy IPAs,” according to the release. Southern Tier said it “leveraged the latest brewing techniques and ingredients to relaunch Nu Skool as Nu Juice.” The latest version “delivers the juiciest burst of hops for a trending IPA taste that is accompanied by a new package look.”

All three brews will launch next month in draught and a variety of packaged formats.

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