Rhinegeist Surpassed 100,000-Barrels in 2018; Hitting Nashville Next Month

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Cincinnati, Ohio-based Rhinegeist Brewing is announcing that they’ll hit Nashville next month with craft distributor, Bounty Beverage.

“We’re excited to see what our brand can do in one of the most dynamic and fastest growing cities in the South,” Rhinegeist co-founder Bryant Goulding told CBD. He said they’ve been teasing the market a bit with draft over the past year, and now that they’ve hired a sales manager for the city, they’ll be rolling out package next month.

The rollout in Nashville will mark the southernmost point Rhinegeist distributes to. Recall that prior to this forthcoming launch in Nashville, Rhinegeist has only made its beer available in five markets: Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Despite this tight footprint, the 5-year-old brewer grew just over 15% last year to finish at 100,302 BBL sold in 2018, co-founder Bryant Goulding told CBD.

The brewer continued to grow double digits in its home state Ohio, up 14%, where they do about 75% of their sales. And also saw strong stats in their newer territories like Indiana, up 171%, and Pittsburgh, up 78%, proving to them “that growing intentionally in a close geographic region is a formula that still works,” Bryant said.

Their flagship, Truth IPA, keeps rolling. It was up 28% last year and “grew across every chain channel,” Bryant said. In fact, Truth ended 2018 as the 23rd biggest BA-defined craft brand in convenience, per IRI scans, just ahead of Dogfish Head’s 60 Minute IPA and Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine.

All in, Truth makes up about 50% of Rhinegeist’s sales.

As for other growth brands: we’ve also before covered the growth of Bubbles, their rosé ale, which was up 32% last year. It’s already about 20% of sales.

Last year they also released a premium lager called Cheetah. Bryant said that brand ended up as the #1 share gainer in Cinn/Day IRI in 2019 “and grew to 4% of our portfolio despite being available in for just half of the year.”

As for the innovation in store for 2019, Bryant said “we’ve got a few exciting experiments turned brands that we’ll be unleashing into the wild this year,” such as…

Little Bubs – a session Rosé Ale, a “refreshing,” “fruit-forward” beverage fermented with apple, peach & cranberry, that clocks in at 4.7% ABV.

Swizzle – They’ll roll out this “award-winning” Lemongrass Ginger cider in 6-packs next week, after a successful summer on draft last year.

And: Nitro Sours – This nitro canned sour line will kick off with Cobbstopper, a “peach kettle sour sweetened lightly with lactose,” coming in 16-oz. Cans this April.


We had a hunch that Founders Brewing would round out their national footprint this year, and that seems to be coming to fruition. This afternoon, Founders announced they’ll hit Wyoming with Teton Distributors to provide statewide availability of their beers this April.

The rollout in Wyoming marks the 48th state of distribution for the Michigan-based brewer.

The two remaining states? Utah and Hawaii, two markets they’re “coming for” Founders notes in today’s release.

If Founders hits those two states this year, it will become the first brewer to achieve national distribution since Stone Brewing did in late 2017.

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