Dear Client: Today, San Francisco-based 21st Amendment co-founder, Nico Freccia, called on commercial lenders to delay principal and interest payments for two months in the wake of COVID-19, so companies like his could make payroll. The brewer operates a brewery and restaurant in San Francisco and a taproom/production brewery in nearby San Leandro. They employ … Continue reading “21A Calls for 60-Day Moratorium on Bank Principal/Interest Payments”

Dear Client: Some uplifting news today amid all the dire stuff. Even though the craft brewing industry — which overindexes toward perishable kegs, expendable “long tail” brands and largely shuttered own-premise operations — is currently in crisis mode, those who are in any sort of position to help others, are doing just that. Just a … Continue reading “Craft Brewers Step Up to Help Displaced Workers”

Dear Client: Tuesday we shared news that Deschutes was having to make layoffs due to almost 50% of its revenue stream (on-premise/own premise) debilitated by on-premise shutterings amid COVID-19 containment efforts. They’re hoping to hire some of those people back when business returns to more normal operations. Of course, nobody knows what that will actually … Continue reading “How Deschutes Will Tackle the Rest of the Year”

Dear Client: While some of the biggest craft breweries are struggling amid COVID-19 uncertainties, some are still growing and haven’t yet laid anyone off.  That seems like an anomaly in these times, and who knows what the coming weeks will bring. But for now, New Belgium chief Steve Fechheimer says they haven’t had to lay … Continue reading “How New Belgium is Navigating Now”

Dear Client: If you follow Deschutes on social media, you may have noticed they went “black” on the channel about a week and a half ago, amid all the COVID-19 closings.  Deschutes sales and marketing chief Neal Stewart told CBD that when states and localities started shutting down the on-premise, “we didn’t want to act … Continue reading “Deschutes Making Tough Calls, from Cuts to Media Messaging”

Dear Client: San Diego-based Green Flash chief Michael Taylor recently sent notice to employees from Green Flash and its subsidiary, Alpine, explaining that mandated pub closures and slashed distributor orders (all their distributors have ceased ordering draft beer, and many have cut package too) have forced them to make cuts.  All of this, of course, … Continue reading “Green Flash Making “Significant Cuts” in Wake of Pandemic”

Craft-centric Point Of Sale company, Arryved, has revealed some data about its clients’ current state of operations. The company also offered some tips on how brewers can reach customer bases while supporting staff and their communities in this uncharted territory.  The data, procured from a survey finished this week, covers brewers of all sizes from … Continue reading “Arryved Data Details How Craft Brewers Are Weathering the Storm”

Dear Client: Yesterday, Boston Beer chief Dave Burwick detailed to wholesalers how they’ve changed operations — from worker conditions to ordering adjustments — to mitigate the effects of COVID-19. Dave shared how they’ve relegated some parts of the team to virtual work, and dictated social distancing for those that need to be at breweries, all … Continue reading “Large Craft Suppliers Assure Wholesalers of Supply”

Dear Client: The results of the Brewers Association survey on how COVID 19 has affected craft brewers are sobering. The crisis, which has choked on-premise sales in more than half of the country, has affected nearly all craft brewers who took the survey (more than 600, as of late last night). As BA economist Bart … Continue reading “BA Impact Survey: Almost 60% of Respondents Anticipate Layoffs”

Dear Client: One question that looms over the industry: Amid brewery taprooms and restaurants closing, and the scary spectre of the unknown, how significant will industry layoffs be?  One reader wrote in with news that one of the larger craft brewers in Indiana could be laying off close to 200 people.  We asked Brewers Association … Continue reading “Massive Layoffs?”

Dear Client: Your editor reached out to the majority of top 50 craft brewers this morning on their production readiness and more amid the spread of the pandemic, which is starting to paralyze on premise businesses, and workforces everywhere.  We’ve gotten just a few responses back so far from this usually candid group. It’s likely … Continue reading “Many Craft Taprooms Shuttered, for now, Amid Pandemic”

Dear Client: Maybe you’ve heard of Big Ditch Brewing, maybe you haven’t. Either way we have a hunch that the following is going to surprise you…. Big Ditch, which is currently producing 15,000 barrels annually in its hometown of Buffalo, has just announced plans to drop $47 million to construct “a new world-class brewery and … Continue reading “Big Ditch Makes a Big Bet: Plans to Spend $47 Million on New Location”

Dear Client: Popular New York brewer, Montauk Brewing Company, is one of the latest craft companies to join in on the seltzer craze. The brewer out of Montauk, a wealthy beach town not far from New York City, began rolling out the new seltzer line, dubbed Montauk Hard Seltzer, earlier this month. IT “JUST MAKES … Continue reading “Montauk’s New Hard Seltzer Already “Flying Out the Barn””

Dear Client: If you’re curious as to how Craft Brew Alliance performed in the fourth quarter of 2019, well, so are we. The brewer, which as you may know is in the midst of a pending tie up with Anheuser-Busch, reported its results “for the full year and fourth quarter” this afternoon. But there wasn’t … Continue reading “CBA 2019 Depletions Down 1%”

Dear Client: If you needed further evidence that non-alc beer could be a thing in the U.S. – here’s your sign.  Athletic Brewing Company, a Connecticut-based company that came on to the scene less than two years ago with their non-alc craft beer, has just closed a $17.5M Series B funding round and is using … Continue reading “Athletic Brewing Acquires Ballast Point’s Old Trade Street Brewery”