Dear Client:  You can’t escape the tidal wave that is hard seltzer, right now. Just ask Bart Watson.  The chief economist for the Brewers Association “wrote 2,000+ words, made 4 graphs and a data table all about seltzer. Because that’s what you do in 2020 (and because members kept asking me about it),” per recent … Continue reading “Four Key Takeaways from Bart’s Deep Dive on Seltzer”

Dear Client:  There are sure to be some double takes from shoppers in the beer aisle today – a six-pack of Fat Tire running for $100? Well, here’s the deal, in case you didn’t know, today is International Beer Day, and New Belgium has decided to use this special day as an opportunity to highlight … Continue reading “Fat Tire Six-Packs Are Carrying a $100 Price Tag Today, Here’s Why”

Dear Client:  We were curious how A-B’s craft division, Brewers Collective, has weathered COVID. VP of sales Craig Weiner gave us an inside look into their traction, and some new plays for the division.  Some background is useful: Craig says the division launched its 10-year commercial strategy two years ago “with the goal of being … Continue reading “Brewers Collective Sales Chief on Share Gainers, New Plays”

Dear Client:  Founders is reorganizing its sales force to be more oriented toward chain, where it currently does the majority of its business. Co-founder Mike Stevens told CBD that will result in a 10%-13% reduction in workforce.  Mike says the move is to “focus on where our business is coming from” and “to be more … Continue reading “Founders’ Reorg to Prioritize Chain Will Result in 10%+ Workforce Reduction”

Dear Client:  Shiner, Texas’ largest craft brewer brand, has just announced its cannonball into the hard seltzer category with Straight Shooter Hard Seltzer, a “craft brewed” hard seltzer.  Straight Shooter launches in Texas later this month in time for Labor Day (it ships the week of August 24). The brand comes in four 90-calorie flavors … Continue reading “Shiner Makes Big Seltzer Splash in Texas With Straight Shooter”

Dear Client:  Craft’s dollar growth in the off-premise has only gone up over the month of July, according to Nielsen all outlet data. The segment got off to a slow start for the month, as dollars were flat for the week ending July 4, though that was to be expected given the difficult comps of … Continue reading “Craft Ending July on a High Note in the Off-Premise?”

Dear Client:  COVID has not hit Montucky Cold Snacks like some craft brewers. They’re up 20% YTD in depletions overall, slated to do some 55,000 barrels this year. That’s not to say they didn’t have a decent amount of pre-COVID on-premise business. Before the pandemic, on-premise was about 25% of their business; now it’s closer … Continue reading “Montucky Cold Snacks Hitting Southern California With Reyes”

Dear Client:  As BBD reported earlier this week, almost all — 95% — of Buffalo Wild Wings are now open for some form of on-site dining, after having reverted to a total takeout model in March for a couple of months due to COVID.  But as the chain has now been in various stages of … Continue reading “Craft Dips But Poised for a Comeback at Buffalo Wild Wings”

Dear Client: A few months ago, the majority of craft brewers anticipated they might not make it past three months of pandemic conditions [see CBD 04-07-20]. Five or six months into COVID-19’s explosion in the US, where do they stand? Bart Watson, chief economist for the Brewers Association, just released his analysis of the results … Continue reading “BA Survey Predicts Growth in Second Half, But Brewers Aren’t Out of the Woods”

Dear Client: Anheuser-Busch’s Golden Road Brewing is launching a year-round hard seltzer line called Fruit Cart, inspired by the fruit vendors from the brewery’s home city of Los Angeles. A regional launch predates next month’s national rollout. The Fruit Cart seltzer line builds on the brewer’s existing Fruit Cart series (Mango Cart, Pineapple Cart and … Continue reading “Golden Road Launches Fruit Cart Hard Seltzers”

Dear Client: We knew Boston Beer was planning to invest some serious dough to expand its production capabilities this year, now we have a better idea of where some of that money will go. Today, the company announced an $85 million expansion project at its large production facility in Cincinnati, marking “the largest-ever investment in … Continue reading “Boston Beer Investing $85 Million to Soup Up Cincinnati Brewery”

Dear Client: You know the unicorn brewers. They’re those top-rated craft producers with a cult following, whose small sales footprint (often confined to taproom only) only fuels their myth.  Pinthouse Pizza is one of those guys. The Austin brewpub “chain,” (of four locations) known for its pizza and IPA-forward beer lineup, doubled its production last … Continue reading ““Unicorn Brewer” Pinthouse Pizza Starts Off-Premise Distribution in Texas”

Dear Client: Boston Beer just snagged its ninth straight quarter of double-digit depletion growth. (Oh and by the way, their market cap is larger than Molson Coors’ now: $8.1 billion, vs. $7.8 billion.)  And what depletion growth it was. Q2 depletions were up 46% (42% if you exclude Dogfish, which they acquired in July of … Continue reading “Boston Blows It Out Again, Q2 Depletions Up 46%”

Dear Client: Texas craft brewers aren’t the only ones sending out distress signals to their government officials.  Yesterday, members of the Florida Brewers Guild shared an open letter to Governor Ron DeSantis and Secretary Halsey Beshears from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation saying that over 100 breweries (of the 320+ breweries in the … Continue reading “Next Two Weeks Are “Do or Die” for Florida Craft Brewers”

Dear Client: Braxton Brewing is coming to Cincinnati through way of acquisition. The fast-growing brewer out of Northern Kentucky, which makes the fast-growing VIVE seltzer, announced this morning that it has purchased Three Points Urban Brewing, a two-year-old taproom located in Cincinnati’s Pendleton neighborhood, per Cincinnati Business Courier. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. … Continue reading “Braxton Lands in Cincinnati with Purchase of Three Points Urban Brewing”