Dear Client: The Brewers Association’s chief economist Bart Watson is back to the BA blog to answer the question(s) of the summer for craft brewers. Is the seltzer segment cutting into craft? And should craft brewers participate in the growing segment? They’re burning questions for a reason. Over “peak weeks,” seltzer accounted for close to … Continue reading ““To Fizz or Not to Fizz” – Bart Has Your Answer”

Dear Client: Brooklyn Brewery has announced that they are rolling out their first non-alcoholic craft beer to the U.S. this fall across several states, with national distribution (across Brooklyn’s 30-state footprint) to follow in 2020.  The brew is called “Special Effects,” basically, because it’s a non-alcoholic brew (a hoppy lager) that actually tastes like beer. … Continue reading “Brooklyn Brewery Rolling Out “Special Effects” Non-Alc Craft to U.S.”

Dear Client: If you feel like you’ve seen a lot of Oskar Blues’ Wild Basin hard seltzer brand at retailers, you’re not alone.  Matt Fraser, President and COO of CANarchy, told CBD last week that they are now the ninth largest seltzer supplier overall. Seltzer in September will represent just under 20% of CANarchy total … Continue reading “CANarchy Now a Top Seltzer Supplier, Plus More Moves for Fall”

Dear Client: Wiseacre Brewing is adding a new home, new markets, and new beers. The fast-growing brewer out of Memphis, Tennessee has seen its volume increase from 954 barrels (2013) to 20,500 barrels (2018) in just five short years.  That kind of growth trajectory has necessitated an expansion. Indeed, Wiseacre announced plans late last year … Continue reading “With a New Facility on the Way, Wiseacre Adds to its Footprint and Portfolio”

Dear Client: Sierra Nevada just announced that it has hired Noelle Haley as their vice president of marketing.  In this new role, Noelle “will provide the vision, strategy and leadership” for the brewer’s marketing, “including advertising, creative, communications, product marketing and product development,” per company announcement. She will report to Sierra’s chief commercial officer Joe … Continue reading “Sierra Nevada Appoints Noelle Haley as VP of Marketing”

Dear Client: Today the BA released its 2018 Economic Impact Report highlighting the impact of the (BA-defined) craft brewing industry to all 50 states. Some highlights:  -Last year, the industry contributed $79.1 billion to the U.S. economy, about 0.4% of the GDP. (That number represents the total impact of BA-defined craft as it moves through … Continue reading “Craft Contributed Almost $80 Billion to U.S. Economy Last Year”

Dear Client: “I’m so hopped up on CBD after walking that trade show floor,” Tenth & Blake chief Pete Marino joked when he took the stage at the MillerCoors meeting in Vegas yesterday. He quickly moved on to Tenth & Blake’s 2020 headlines: Solidify their leadership position in craft; challenge Mich Ultra with Saint Archer … Continue reading “Marino Teases $30 Million Investment and High Hopes for Saint Archer Gold”

Dear Client: Jim Koch kicked off a chat between himself, NBWA chief Craig Purser and Dogfish Head co-founder Sam Calagione (who of course has just merged with Boston Beer) with a move that was signature Jim. He chucked the obligatory “speaker” water off the back of his seat and cracked a Boston Lager.  The talk, … Continue reading “Jim Koch Talks “Fourth Category,” Nixing Ad That Disses Light Beer”

Dear Client: Rhinegeist co-founder Bryant Goulding characterized 2019 as a good year for the company – even if not as “good” as had been planned. “We’re doing well,” he told CBD, but acknowledged that “it’s a competitive environment. Seltzer is a really interesting phenomenon” that’s hit their backyard even harder than the rest of the … Continue reading “Rhinegeist Will Grow 6% in Core Markets Despite Challenging Dynamics”

Dear Client: BrewDog USA continues to grow, up 95% in total depletions YTD, per business update from chief revenue officer, Adam Lambert.  With preliminary September trends “coming on strong,” Adam said they should double their business in 2019. That puts the US operation of the international, Scotland-based craft brewer at roughly 23,000 barrels on “this … Continue reading “BrewDog USA on Pace to Double Business in 2019”

Dear Client: Lagunitas did not have big seltzer news at its 250-strong distrib meeting. It’ll just get stronger in IPA, its calling card, by doing things like putting its IPA in cans finally and rolling out a hazy IPA, 8% Hazy Memory (but … aren’t hazy/juicy beers kinda the seltzer of beer anyway? With a … Continue reading “Lagunitas New Brass Dishes Strategy”

Dear Client: A little over five years ago, Great Divide was putting out plans to build out a near $40 million brewery/warehouse/destination atop a five acre plot it had purchased in Denver’s River North (RiNo) neighborhood [see CBD 05-30-2014]. The Denver brewer, who had just produced over 37,000 barrels back in 2013, envisioned a boatload … Continue reading “Great Divide Scraps Plans for Massive Brewery in RiNo, Cuts Deal to Sell Portion of Property”

Dear Client: Today we’re going to shine the spotlight on a brewery we’ve never covered before – Reuben’s Brews. The Seattle-based brewery, which was founded by husband and wife Adam and Grace Robbings in 2012, has quickly made a name for itself in the uber-competitive craft scene in the Pacific Northwest. In seven short years, … Continue reading “Keep an Eye on this Pacific Northwest Brewer”

Dear Client: Four-year-old Roak Brewing is in the works to acquire yet another much older craft brewery in its home state of Michigan. The latest? The 22-year-old Dark Horse Brewing Company out of Marshall, Michigan, per filings with the Michigan Liquor Control Commission obtained by a local NBC affiliate. The acquisition, if approved by the … Continue reading “Roak Brewing Strikes Again, Acquires 22-Year-Old Dark Horse Brewing”

Dear Client: Deschutes Brewery recently conducted their largest consumer research project to date for a new product, and guess what? It wasn’t for a new craft beer.  Nope, the 31-year-old craft brewer carried out the research to launch a flavored malt beverage, or as they’re calling it, a “crafted hard bevy,” dubbed Modified Theory.  Craft … Continue reading “Deschutes Introduces New FMB Line: Modified Theory”