Kroger Bets Bigger in Craft
FILED MARCH 26, 2015 Kroger, already the leading grocery chain for craft beer sales, is expanding its cold space for the segment. Read More
Avery in 2015
FILED MARCH 25, 2015 We caught up with Adam Avery in the wake of his newly operational $30 million expansion in North Boulder. The makers of such well known brews as White Rascal and beer geeky hits like their 18% bourbon-barrel aged imperial stout-bomb (with coffee), Tweak, will now have a few more of those big and barrel-aged beers to go around this year. Read More
Export Growth Up 35.7%, Nearing $100 Million and 384,000 Barrels
FILED MARCH 24, 2015 Last year's figures for export growth from the Brewers Association are in. The release revealed export volume increased by 35.7%, representing 383,422 barrels and an estimated $99.7 million. Read More
Left Hand Hits California With Sheehan
FILED MARCH 23, 2015 Colorado's Left Hand will enter Southern California late this spring with Sheehan Family Companies, including Craft Beer Guild Distributing of San Diego and Craft Beer Guild of Los Angeles. They just announced plans to open San Diego, Orange County, and greater Los Angeles markets, including Ventura and Santa Barbara. It's their 34th state of distribution. Read More
Bank Survey: Shandy Could Get to Almost 1% of Beer This Year
FILED MARCH 20, 2015 According to a note just released by Jefferies, shandies could nearly double, reaching close to 1% of beer volumes by year's end. That, per the investment bank's survey of U.S. beer distributors representing roughly 10% of beer volumes. Read More
The Lowdown on Local
FILED MARCH 19, 2015 The idea of "local" has become somewhat of a phenomenon in the beer category. But what about wine and spirits, are they seeing the same trend? Do we know what age group "local" resonates with? Or how about the shift in local's importance over the past couple of years? Read More
Moosehead Sues Adirondack Brewery Over Moose-Clad Soda
FILED MARCH 18, 2015 Here we go again. Canada's Moosehead Breweries Limited has hired an Albany, New York law firm to sue local Adirondack Brewery for using a Moose likeness on its Read More
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