DOJ Launches New Investigation into A-B Craft Acquisitions
FILED JUNE 28, 2016 The Capitol Forum is reporting that A-B is the subject of yet another DOJ investigation, this time delving into the brewer's recent craft beer acquisitions. As Senator Amy Klobuchar wrote to the Antitrust Division head last week, "ABI has acquired seven craft brewers since 2014, four since merger negotiations with SABMiller began." Read More
BA BA "Remains Very Concerned" About "ABI Actions" in Wake of Senator's Letter
FILED JUNE 27, 2016 Last week, Senate Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee leader Amy Klobuchar penned a letter to the DOJ's Antitrust Division chief, Renata Hesse, on her concerns about anti-competitive behavior in wake of MegaBrew. The Senator outlined A-B's recent craft brewing acquisition spree, and concerns of the brewer's potentially exclusionary distributor incentive programs. Read More
Boston Hires Moet Hennessy Alum As CMO
FILED JUNE 24, 2016 Boston Beer has just announced that Jonathan N. Potter will be joining the Company as its Chief Marketing Officer come August. He will oversee the company's planning, development and execution of brand development, marketing and advertising initiatives. He hails directly from Moet Hennessy USA (MH), where he is currently managing director of its Chandon division after having been Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Brands since 2012. Read More
Colorado Brewers Guild Member: No Mass Defection; Ownership Rules could Match BA
FILED JUNE 23, 2016 Amid all the hoopla over the Colorado Brewers Guild schism, one voice hasn't been as prominent: The Colorado Brewers Guild. Read More
New Vikings Stadium Will Have Plenty of Local Craft
FILED JUNE 22, 2016 Football fans catching a game at the Minnesota Vikings' new home, U.S. Bank Stadium, will see no shortage of local craft beer options this upcoming season. Read More
Brewer to Watch: Fort Worth's Wild Acre
FILED JUNE 21, 2016 We've written before that Dallas, Texas, is one of the nation's most potentially explosive craft markets. North Texas is about a 63 million case market, but craft underindexes: BA-defined craft had less than around 5 share, at least as of last year. Meanwhile, there are few if any local brewers yet with critical mass. Read More
SweetWater Makes More Market Moves in Ohio, New Jersey, Tennessee and Virginia
FILED JUNE 20, 2016 Atlanta-based SweetWater Brewing Company is filling out its footprint in four of its existing states: Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia and New Jersey. Read More
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