In Texas, To-Go and Earlier Sunday Sales in Play

Dear Client:

On Friday, The Texas House passed two controversial amendments to a broader beverage alcohol-facing bill. That bill focuses on The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, which reportedly must pass during this session in order for the agency to avoid being shut down.  

“The two amendments proposed by state Reps. Drew Springer, R-Muenster, and Eddie Rodriguez, D-Austin, consumed most of the debate Thursday,” per Texas Tribune. Both measures were opposed by the overall bill’s author, Chris Paddie.

One amendment would allow beer and wine sales to start in licensed off-premise locations at 10 a.m. on Sundays (except liquor stores, which are closed that day), as is already the case for the on premise.  That measure passed in a 99-40 vote.

The beer to-go provision passed more narrowly. Recall that Texas craft production breweries have long been fighting for the right to sell beer to go from their premises.

Bill author Chris Paddie initially moved to table that amendment, “and it initially looked like he prevailed by a one-vote margin,” wrote Tribune. “But a verification vote later clarified that the amendment was actually favorable to a majority of House members.”

Now that the bill is moving to the Senate, nothing is for certain.  

We still expect the Senate will strip beer-to-go from the final bill. Indeed, the Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas’s executive vice president, Tom Spilman, said the process is ongoing, and they “will work with the Senate to remove any policy changes in the sunset bill, including the amendment to allow brewers to enter the off-premise retailer tier of the industry.”

Stay tuned.


ELYSIAN PARTNERS WITH JVN FOR “PRIDE SEASON.” Today, A-B owned craft brewer, Elysian, announced a partnership with Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness (JVN) to champion inclusivity this Pride season.

The brewer will also release GLITTERis Pride Ale in 4-pack 16 oz. cans in select markets nationwide on June 1. The creamy, 4.4% ABV brew has a fruit-forward character with blackberry and raspberry “for extra rainbow flavor.” GLITTERis Pride Ale is the official brew of Seattle and San Francisco Pride with proceeds benefiting the organizations.  

CERVEZA RREY TEAMS UP WITH ST. LOUIS-BASED O’FALLON TO CREATE CERVEZA AMIGOS LAGER. “Cerveza Rrëy, an award-winning craft brewery from Monterrey, Mexico, has partnered with St. Louis-based O’Fallon Brewery to create Cerveza Amigos Mexican lager,” per company announcement. The 5.5% ABV beer will be available exclusively in the St. Louis bi-state area at select bars, restaurants and retail locations in 16 oz. cans (4-pack) and on draft beginning May 1.

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