Craft Business Daily to Launch March 21

Welcome to the future home of Craft Business Daily.

WHAT IS IT? Craft Business Daily is a new daily insider email publication from the folks who bring you Beer Business Daily, covering the American craft beer business – breaking news, numbers, trends, interviews, brewer profiles, retailer views, and more.

The fact is, whether you are a distributor, a craft brewer, an importer, or a large brewer, it’s a Wild West land grab out there in the fast-growing high-end beer segment, and the
winners in the marketplace are going to be the ones who are equipped with the best, fastest, and most nuanced information in craft and specialty import beer – every damn
day. And that’s what we do best, and that’s the need that Craft Business Daily seeks to fill.

CBD will cover issues like:

-Which craft brewers are expanding territories and to whom they are going to?

-What retailers are saying about craft beer brands in various markets.

-Which styles are hot in which markets?

-What new and innovative ideas are craft brewers playing with out there?

-Distributor profiles and ideas that are working with crafts, and more.

WHY? For the past few years we’ve made a concerted effort to cover more of the burgeoning and exciting craft and specialty import beer segment in Beer Business Daily.
However, we soon found that the amount of information – important information that will change the fortunes of the beer industry players – was simply too much for one publication. So we decided that craft warranted its own publication, and you know that “daily” is in our DNA and our point of difference, so viola! Craft Business Daily.

WHO? CBD is a must-read for anybody in the industry whose fortunes could change – for better or worse – based on the decisions made and the trends that occur in the craft
beer segment. Distributors, craft brewers, importers, large brewers – if your business touches craft beer, one scrap of information that you get from Craft Business Daily could
mean the difference in hundreds of thousands or even millions in lost or found business. At $300 a year, it’s a small investment to cover your flanks.

Craft Business Daily will be edited by myself (Harry) along with Jenn Litz, our newest editor in the BeerNet family who comes to us as a former restaurant trade journalist who
has had a longtime passion for craft beer. She not only writes about it, she is an avid and

voluminous consumer of craft beer and is immersed in the culture. This gal knows her beer, and we are fortunate to bring her on board.

WHEN? CBD is launching this week. We will publish well over 250 issues a year, every work day at lunchtime. While you read Beer Business Daily with your morning coffee,
you can read Craft Business Daily over your lunch break. CBD will publish every day at noon Eastern Time, or as close as we can get. Plus we will publish extra “Flash Alerts” as breaking news comes in.

HOW MUCH? CBD costs $300 a year. If you don’t believe CBD has added value to your business after a year, I’ll cut you a check for your money back. You have my word on that.

HOW TO? How to subscribe? Well, that’s easy. You can subscribe online securely with your credit card at Or you can call Jennifer Waddill at the office (closed today because we’re all here, but open Wednesday) at 210-805-8006 EXT. 1.

Look forward to hearing from you. With respect, Harry