Craft Brewers up 11% in 2010

Dear Client:

The Brewers Association just announced that indie craft brewers achieved 11% growth and retail sales dollars increase 12% in 2010. That’s over 1 million barrels or 14 million new craft cases. Craft brewers produced 9.6 million barrels, up from 8.9 mil in 2009. Craft brewers were just shy of the 5% market share mark (4.9 … so close) and achieved 7.6 retail dollar share.

In total, U.S. beer sales were down approximately one percent, or 2 million barrels, in 2010 compared to being down 2.2 percent in 2009.

BA director Paul Gatza says: “Beer lovers increased their appreciation for American craft brewers and their beers in 2010. Craft brewers’ stories resonate with Americans who are choosing small, independent companies making delicious beers in more than 100 different styles.” Also, “We also found that three percent of craft brewer barrels, by volume, are distributed in cans, confirming a growing trend.”

MORE BREWERIES. The BA also reported that there were 1,759 operating, an increase of 8%, (that’s a new high since before Prohibition) plus 618 breweries in planning stages. More stats later this week…. stay tuned.

Until tomorrow, Jenn

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