How Craft Brewers Are Holding Up Against Harvey


Dear Client:

How has Harvey affected craft breweries in the most devastated parts of Texas?

Seems most craft breweries in Houston, where the tropical storm continues to pummel, are intact, although some employees have unfortunately sustained loss of personal property. City Acre Brewing in Houston apparently got a bit of flooding.

Saint Arnold, one of the largest craft breweries in the city (and the largest privately owned), is OK, though apparently surrounded by lots of water.

"Brewery still dry although it appears to be lakefront property as I-10 submerged," founder Brock Wagner told CBD. Unfortunately a few employees' houses took water. But everyone appears to be safe.

Karbach, Houston's other big craft brewery (acquired last year by A-B), is operational, but closed today. All employees are safe, with some dealing with flooding issues in their homes.

As for the depletions angle: brewers are not sure how much the drive to buy beer ahead of the storm will combat the damage from out of stocks.

"We moved a ton of beer Wednesday-Friday as folks were preparing for the storm and shelves were completely blown out," Karbach co-founder Eric Warner told us. "How quickly they will be restocked, and how much folks actually drank over the last few days is another question." On premise will is "4-5 days of nothing" so far, including Friday and Saturday night.

"We were looking at a pretty good August for depletions, but now ..."

RESILIENT SPIRIT. Texas Craft Brewers Guild Executive Director Charles Vallhonrat told CBD that "many breweries in the Houston area were offering to fill water containers for community residents."

And 8th Wonder Brewery has already gotten some airtime for using their high truck to help rescue flood victims.

In other news: After having been evacuated Friday, Corpus Christi's Lorelei Brewing has reopened and is offering half price pours, free water bottles, and air conditioning to those who visit, until further notice. They're taking donations for disaster relief as well.

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